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IGT Slots LogoOne of the main reasons why many land based, bricks and mortar casino slot players make the switch over to playing slot games on their mobile devices or computers, is that they discover some of their favourite slot games they have played in a land based casino can now be accessed and played online.

If you are a regular visitor to such casino venues then one slot game manufacturer you will certainly have come across before will be IGT who have been designing and supply such venues with slot machines for decades now (founded in 1975).

In fact, some of the most played slot machines in land based casinos are those that have been designed by IGT and every single slot game they have designed over the years will offer a completely different type of playing experience but one you will find exciting and entertaining.

As many companies who have been and do supply bricks and mortar casinos with slot machines have also now made their range of slot games available to online and mobile slot players, you will find that IGT has also joined the ranks of those companies and as such you can now play a huge range of their all time classic and most played slots from the comfort of your own home or from anywhere on a mobile device too!

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Types of IGT Slot Games

kitty-glitter-slotWith so many years experience under their belt, one thing you will benefit from when you do sign up to and start playing at any casino site offering the suite of IGT slot games is a huge range of them on offer to you.

Below is an overview of the main categories of slots IGT have designed and made available to both mobile and online slot players.

You will also see below, a list of our reviews of IGT slot games, and many of them can be played right here on the site for free.

3 Reel Slot Machines – If you are of a certain age you may remember that once upon a time the only type of slot machines available in a land based casino venue were 3 reel slots, well a high percentage of those slot games would have been designed by IGT, many of which have made the transition onto the IGT gaming platforms.

Video Slot Games – You will be able to play video slot games designed and supplied by IGT, and one of the main advantage of doing so id that there are a huge number of them available, each boasting a very unique and standalone theme and all manner of bonus games will be waiting to be triggered as you play off each spin!

Mega Paying Progressives – IGT also offer a selection of network wide progressive jackpot awarding slot machines too, those slots are called their Mega Jackpots range of slot games which are all linked together at every casino site offering their range of games, so when playing them at any casino site you do have the chance of winning a life changing jackpot payout.

IGT Slot Game Reviews

IGT Gaming Platforms

One question you will want answering if you do fancy playing IGT slot machines is just who you can access and play their range of slots. Well below are the two different types of gaming platforms one o which you will need to utilize to then be able to play any of their huge arrays of great playing slots.

Mobile Slots – Mobile slot players are also going to be able to enjoy playing IGT slot games no matter where they happen to be, and with a growing number of IGT slot games being designed as mobile slots you will never go short in regards to the sheer number of them accessible on a touch screen mobile device.

Online Slot Games – If you do want to play by far and away the largest selection of IGT designed slot games then you will be best of playing at any instant play casino site that carries their suite of games. Many of their very latest land based slot games are also available to online players, so you will have a very good mix of old and new slots on offer to you at each of those casino sites.

Good and Bad Points about IGT Slots

We believe in giving everyone who visits our website as much valuable information on each of the slot game designers we have reviewed. Below you will therefore find the good, bad and ugly points about playing IGT slots so please read on and then make up your own mind as to whether you fancy playing any of them online or on your mobile phone, smart phone or tablet device!

Low and High Variance Slots – Having access to slot games that play out with a low, medium or even high variance playing structure and format is important, a you can then pick out a range of slot games to play that suits your playing style, and all three of those types of slot games are accessible at sites offering IGT slot machines to their players.

Annual Progressive Payouts – The Mega Jackpots range of progressive slot games will always give you the chance of winning big, however be aware that if you do win in one of those jackpots they will be paid out over a number of years via an annual payout, much like their range of land based progressive jackpots.

Regularly Triggering Bonus Games – The bonus games attached and on offer on many IGT slot games do tend to rigger fairly frequently, however as that is the case then the payouts you can achieve on those bonus games will vary in size, and some of them can be low paying ones!

Low and High Stake Slots – You can play IGT slot games online or on a mobile device for free or for real money. However, as a range of different staking options are available on their range of slots and as you can often alter and adjust the number of paylines that you activate and put into play on each spin you will find they are suitable for low, medium or high rolling slot players bankroll!

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