Revolut and Bet365 – Does The Card Work?

If you own a Revolut card as a fast-growing number of people do, you’ll likely love it and use it an awful lot on your travels. So, what happens when you attempt to use it with Bet365?

Revolut to Bet365 – The Options

Unfortunately, like others, I was not able to make a deposit from Revolut to Bet365. The card was rejected even though it had a healthy balance after a recent top-up.

There are, however, alternative bookies (other than Bet365) where Revolut is accepted. These are listed below:

Bookmakers Where Revolut is Accepted

Here is a list of supported bookmakers where the card was able to be used.

Here’s an email received on Oct 14, 2020:

We will be keeping an eye on changes – but for the moment, that’s where you can definitely use it.

Of course, if you’re not willing to consider an alternative bookmaker to Bet365, you will just not be able to use Revolut as a source of funds with them.

Thankfully, the well-known bookmaker does accept other banks’ debit cards without facing similar kinds of issues. Let’s hope that this situation changes in the future.

What Happened on Bet365 When Adding Revolut?

If you’re reading this because you also experienced what happened to me when attempting to add Revolut as a new payment card into bet365, the following image may well look familiar.

Toward the end of finishing typing in the long 16-digit Visa card number details into the box on deposit screen, I was greeted with the message, “We are experiencing issues processing deposits from this card. Please use an alternative card or payment method.

It was disappointing (to put it mildly) when this message flashed up. After all, there were more than enough funds on the Revolut card to cover the deposit and I like using the bet365 site quite a lot. What to do next?

Further action was therefore needed, and, having also previously set up accounts with several other bookmakers, it was time to check if this card was going to cause issues for any of the others.

If it turned out that this was the same with all of the bookies, maybe it would be time to ditch Revolut for another similar alternative. That certainly wouldn’t be ideal.

It took quite some time but, in the end, after much testing was undertaken the full list of where Revolut is accepted was compiled. You can read more about how I got on with this and the final results here in full detail (including mobile phone screenshots from each bookie showing the evidence).

Payment Acceptance and Bookies

It should be stated that this issue does not emanate from bet365 disallowing Revolut as a payment method. Far from it – It is, in fact, Revolut who have made the strange decision to block payments and withdrawals at bet365.

Historically, Revolut did permit Bet365 deposits. However, something changed in January of 2019 when baffled punters discovered that they were no longer able to deposit their money there.

A lot of customers of this extremely popular bookie were suddenly caused a substantial inconvenience, especially those who tend to use their card for travel and gambling purposes. This seems a very odd decision, given that Revolut have not communicated that they have taken some kind of stance against all gambling companies.

It seems to be very selective and for whatever reason, bet365 is one of the few companies that has been left out in the cold. No one seems to know the reason why.

There has been quite a bit of news about this very subject matter even though, as long as you are over 18, gambling in many countries is legal. However, of course, it’s common knowledge that many people struggle with using bookmakers because gambling can become addictive.

Some financial institutions have implemented measures to help their customers cope with such addictions. Barclays is one such example of a bank that has provided the ability to cut off gambling spending from their customers’ accounts.

They are not the only ones. HSBC has provided similar measures for their customers and, following consultation with GamCare, they also implement a 24-hour cooling-off period should a customer request to remove the restriction. GamCare is a charity that provides support, information and advice for problem gamblers

Essentially, such mechanisms are aimed at helping people with gambling problems to avoid temptation by cutting allowing them to remove the option at their behest. Even though such moves are to be applauded, the feeling is that more can be done to help people from bookmakers themselves.

However, all of this flies in the face of the Bet365 Revolut issue, where it appears that such a decision has been made for users without actually consulting them at all. The fact remains that not everyone is a problem gambler.

No one likes being told where and how they can spend their own money, that’s for sure. It would seem that many bettors prefer to neatly partition their betting from other bank activities by using a separate card.

It seems to be perfectly good practice to do this on a debit card, too, where the money that is there is not borrowed (i.e. as opposed to a credit card). Again, this issue between bet365 and Revolut has persisted for quite some time now and no resolution seems to be in sight any time soon.

On the Reddit forum, bleedingleague commented on this very point. The user noted that it would be understandable if Revolut’s stated policy was to not allow gambling websites. What is unacceptable in his/her view, is that this is not made clear and that they simply changed their mind. The upshot is that attempting to make a transfer to or from a gambling site has the effect of blocking your account “and then you have to deal with their incredibly rude customer service.”. Not good.

Frequently Asked Questions

💳 What is Not Supported with Revolut?

Some (but not all) bookmakers, some cryptocurrency exchanges, foreign exchange bureaus, financial securities brokers/dealers and unmanned petrol stations (manned stations are ok).

💷 Are There Alternatives to Bet365 for Revolut?

Yes. While bet365 is currently not accepting Revolut as a payment vehicle, there are several bookmakers that are.

🎲 Can you Gamble with Revolut?

Yes, you can, but just not with all bookies. Our investigation reveals the ones that do accept Revolut as a payment and withdrawal card.