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(Updated June, 2024).

The world of gambling has changed considerably over the past couple of decades, with online betting taking over. Rather than a trip to your local betting shop, many punters now head online to place their bets on one of the many betting sites that are available. 

This has made betting more accessible, easier and something that can be done at the convenience of those taking part. 

Best UK Betting Sites

The best betting sites available online are a mixture of established names and new up and coming betting sites trying to get a slice of the custom available. The sites you see on our page, whether established household names or otherwise, have all been tested and reviewed by us to ensure they are fit for purpose and carry everything a punter needs.

The Advantages of Betting Online

There are many advantages to betting online compared to heading down to your local betting site. The whole betting experience is better if you use the online betting sites out there and here, we will run through a few reasons as to why so many people prefer to bet online.


This is simple and shows how life has changed for people over the past few years. Everything that we do, watch or order needs to be at our convenience. We no longer want to do things for ourselves, we want things to be presented to us and for that reason, when it comes to betting there is only one winner. 

Online betting sites offer a convenience that other forms of betting simply cannot match. You don’t have to leave the house to place your bets, and thanks to mobile apps, you can place a bet anywhere providing you have your mobile phone and an internet connection. 

Whatever it is in line, we want it to be convenient. Online betting is certainly that and allows us to get on with our busy lives while fitting betting around it.

Competitive Odds

The online betting market is one of the most competitive in the world. There are many different betting sites that all want your custom. To get it, they have to prove they are the best online in the market and one of the ways they can do that is with the odds they have on offer. 

None of us expects to get the very best betting odds from the same bookmaker every time, but to be able to get any custom at all, betting sites need to demonstrate that they do offer the best online odds, or close to them, regularly. 

Whenever you don’t take the best price on a bet, you are leaving profit on the table if it wins. Punters are becoming more and more astute with their betting; therefore, more people are betting where they find the best odds rather than just with the same bookmaker. 

If a company wants their online betting site to survive, let alone thrive, they need to offer competitive sports betting odds.

Free Bets and Regular Promotions

Free bets are one of the most popular forms of betting bonuses, especially for online sports betting sites. Sports bets really can be enhanced in terms of winnings and also excitement from a free bet. It is a chance for you to be able to place a bet risk-free.

There is a range of online sports that you can place free bets on. Some free bets are more valuable than others, you can compare one online sportsbook free bet to another and choose the more rewarding one.

If you are a regular punter, then it is worth keeping an eye out on the industry news, where you can read up on the latest offers and bonuses and other things going on in the gambling world. Read up on the latest betting tips and which of the best online promotions go well with these tips.

Even if it is to do with casinos, some of the sportsbooks also have a casino platform, with their own games and casino bonuses and rewards, sometimes you can find a casino bonus included in the betting sites bonus.

There are two types of promotion available, those for new customers and those for existing customers.

New Customer Offers

These are designed to attract new customers to bet with the online betting site offering them. Almost every bookmaker has some kind of offer in place for new customers, and these have grown in size over the past few years.

That is simply down to competition, betting sites (especially those in the area of sports betting) want to get punters on their website, so to stand out and achieve that they have to offer big welcome offers, which many of them do.

Regular Offers

These are created with a different purpose. Regular offers will attract people to an online betting site, but their main aim is to keep the regular customers happy, so they don’t leave to go elsewhere. We see a number of these offers available, things such as acca boosts, acca insurance, best odds guaranteed on horse racing, price boosts and much more. 

These offers can all make your betting slightly better and potentially more profitable in the long run, so they are certainly worth thinking about when you are looking for somewhere to bet. The offers don’t often catch the eye as new customer offers can, but over a year they can amount to giving you additional profit and for that reason alone, they need to be looked at.

The Flexibility to Bet on the Go with the Best Online Betting Sites

One of the biggest improvements in online betting has been the ability to bet through a mobile device using either a mobile betting app or a mobile internet website. This means punters are no longer tied to betting on a computer while at home, they can bet from anywhere. 

The only two things that are needed are an Internet connection and a mobile device, have these and you can bet anywhere. This includes placing bets while you are out with friends, at a sporting event or anywhere else when you can find the time and want to place a wager. 

This all adds further flexibility and makes betting more convenient, and because of that, mobile betting is set to increase further over the coming years. 

How to Choose the Best Betting Site for You

When the time comes for you to choose which betting site you want to use, there is one key thing to remember. This is a personal choice and one that you need to make for yourself, based on the needs you have.

Simply following your friends and betting with the same company as they may not work out for you as you will very likely bet in different ways and have different betting needs. Your sports betting preferences, for example, will likely differ significantly from theirs.

Deciding which betting site to use is an incredibly important decision to make, and if you choose the right one then you are likely to be betting with them for several years. Don’t be afraid to take your time, put some effort into the decision-making process and do all you can to ensure you pick the right one. 

Here we take a look at some of the things you need to think about and consider when making this choice, some you will have already looked into but there may be one or two on our list that you have forgotten about or overlooked.

Betting Markets & Odds

Don’t take it for granted that every betting site will offer the same betting markets as each other. Some will put a great deal of focus into these, offering a large number while others will focus on fewer sports, or have fewer leagues available as they want to offer the best possible service across a smaller number of markets.

You can find the best betting sites that specifically want to offer the best NBA Basketball markets and odds to attract customers passionate about that type of sports betting. The same goes for Major League Soccer, football betting and other sports leagues.

With some of the best online betting sites, which football league to bet on can be the hardest decision, what with the number of options there are. Sports betting enthusiasts are really spoilt for choice. That’s a good thing, for sure, as it intensifies the competition to work to your advantage.

If you bet on specific leagues or sports and these are not something as common as the English Premier League and standard 90-minute betting, then it is always advisable to check that your potential new bookmaker offers what you bet on.  There isn’t much point otherwise.

When you change bookmaker, you should not have to change the way you bet. You should always move to somewhere that offers the right sportsbook bonuses and markets that are best suited to you.

Not every bookmaker offers the same types of bets or betting selections, therefore read through our bookmaker reviews to find the best betting sites that offer what you want. You really want to make sure that you get the best online from what’s on offer.

When it comes to the odds on offer, generally speaking, many betting sites offer very similar odds because they know that people won’t bet with them if they are consistently offering low betting odds. However, that shouldn’t stop you from taking a quick look at the odds that are on offer for the sport and league you bet on. 

Do this randomly, take a look at some upcoming games and see how the odds look for your potential new bookmaker in comparison to the one you currently use, or if you don’t use one, in comparison to a selection of the other best betting sites on the market. Your betting picks can seriously have an impact on profit for winning bets.

Mobile Betting

Do you intend to bet on your mobile? If you do then this is something you must look at when deciding which bookmaker to go with. If you don’t then the chances are that over the next few years you will do, as more and more punters are turning to the convenience of mobile betting. 

The majority of the best betting sites for sports already offer a mobile app, though there are some that still only offer mobile betting through a browser. An app has many advantages and is certainly easier to use so if you intend to place most or all of your bets through a mobile device, a bookmaker that has an app is better for you. 

The apps that are on the market are very advanced mainly, and they offer you the chance to completely control your account, from betting to depositing and withdrawing as well as anything else you need.

Mobile betting is something that many punters do differently, but it is expected in the future that more and more will turn to a position where they are using their device to bet on a regular basis. This is only going to push more people to the point where they really need a great mobile app to bet, so betting sites with those will be at an advantage. 

Even if you don’t bet on a mobile at the moment, this is still something worth looking at as it is highly likely that you will in the future if you follow the trend of other punters.

In-Play Betting

While there is a great trend of people moving towards mobile betting, the same can also be said about in-play betting. This was a radical concept not too long ago, and now it has become a staple for many punters. Some of these have completely turned to in-play betting only, while others have used it in conjunction with the bets they place before an event takes place. 

We have seen the leading in-play sports betting sites take a real step forward in the service that they offer and if you are an in-play punter then you need to be with one of these. The service you receive should include a wide range of sports betting options and perhaps, more importantly, a wide range of the best betting markets that you can use. 

If you already bet in play and you bet on a specific sport or league, then it always makes sense to check any potential new betting sites to make sure they offer what you want. You can do this by heading to their site and looking at the in-play betting markets they have, comparing them to what you use at the minute. 

If you don’t currently bet in play at the moment but are looking to do so in the future, then there are many great in-play betting platforms out there. The key is finding one that offers you many different ways to bet, and if you like to bet on smaller sports then, of course, check to make sure they offer these.

Customer Promotions

This is an absolutely key area for you to take advantage of. Almost every bookmaker with a betting site has a range of welcome offers and regular offers that you can use to your advantage. The important thing to remember here is to make an analysis of the offers and go with a bookmaker that offers you the best online deal.

This is not always the biggest and therefore something you should carefully consider. Read on to find out more on what we mean about this.

For example, as a horse racing punter, you should be on the lookout for the best odds guaranteed offer that many online sports betting sites have in place, this is a great offer for fans to use. If you bet on football and place accumulators then you need to look out for acca insurance, acca boosts and anything else related to them. 

There are many other offers such as betting odds boosts, money back specials and other things that you can take advantage of while you are betting if you join a bookmaker that offers them. 

This is a part of gambling that is personal to you and how you bet. Some offers you see will be bigger than others, this is especially the case when it comes to welcome offers, but getting the best out of them means balancing big offers with those you are going to use on a regular basis. 

Do you get a smaller welcome bonus from a bookmaker that has acca insurance, or go with the bigger welcome bonus and no acca insurance? This is just an example, but something you will have to think about and work out for yourself when choosing which bookmaker, is you are going to bet with. 

The good news for sports betting punters is that there are many offers out there, both in the form of welcome bonuses and regular offers and with a bit of research you should be able to find a bookmaker that can give you exactly what you want to help you with your betting.

Payment Methods

This is an often-overlooked part of betting with an online betting site. When you play with your current betting site you will have one or more deposit options linked to that account that you use to get money in and the same for taking money out.

However, not all of the best betting sites offer the same service here, some allow a smaller range of payment methods while some have a larger number available for players. 

If you use a very common deposit method such as a debit card then you won’t need to worry here, but if you use an e-wallet payment method or a pre-paid card then you will need to check that your potential new bookmaker accepts this method on their betting site. 

Something else to think about if you are a small punter is the limits when it comes to making a deposit. What is the minimum you can deposit using your preferred method, and is this in line with what you want to spend? Most sports betting sites have low deposit limits, but this is still worth checking before signing up. 

The key rule to remember with payment methods is to use something you trust and are familiar with. This is not just about betting online, but with all online purchases that you make.

If a bookmaker makes you choose a payment method, you don’t want to use or don’t feel comfortable using online then perhaps that particular bookmaker is not the one for you. 

Terms and conditions always apply when it comes to payment methods and there are often different processes for each one. If you are looking for a fast payout, then you will need to read through the payment terms and conditions on the betting site to see how long it will take you to receive the funds.

Customer Support

When you bet with one of the many available online betting sites, the hope is that whichever you choose, you don’t have any problems with them. This means betting with ease, getting paid out without fail and being able to find everything you need on the site. 

However, should you not do that then you want to know that someone is there to help you out and that is where the customer service team they have comes into play. A quick look will tell you what resources are available; is there a FAQ section you can use? How many methods of contact are there? What times do they open? 

All of this should then be used with the situation you find yourself in to determine if it is enough for you. As an example, if you bet late at night or early in a morning, you should really go with a bookmaker offering 24-hour customer service, as those without that are unlikely to be open when you may need them. For those that bet throughout the day, 24-hour customer service is probably not a necessity. 

You should also take a look at how they are available; the best will offer multiple methods such as phone, email and live chat. These are all great in their own right depending on the situation and questions you have, the more methods available to you, the better the service is.

License & Regulations

This is another must-have factor if you want to remain safe online and bet in the right places. Regardless of where you are in the world, your bookmaker will need a license to operate. For example, all of the betting sites shown here that are accepting players from the UK should have a license given to them by the UK Gambling Commission. 

This means that they have passed tests regarding the service they offer, their source of funding, how they store your details and much more. If they have passed the test, they are deemed to be safe and get a license. 

The UK Gambling Commission license is one of the strongest in the world, and not easy for betting sites to get. If you find a bookmaker with this license, then you can sign up with them safe in the knowledge that they have demonstrated a high level of ability and security to get it. 

There are some underground betting sites who operate without licenses, but it is best to stay away from these as you have no idea of the dangers to you, your funds and your details if you use them.

Three Key Points to Remember When Searching for a New Bookmaker

Here are three things you must remember when finding a new bookmaker.

Welcome Offers & Regular Offers

The biggest isn’t always the best. Look at each set of offers and try to combine something that is big with something you are going to use on a regular basis. A slightly smaller welcome bonus combined with many more regular offers you can take advantage of maybe better than going for a bigger welcome bonus. 

When choosing your bookmaker, match the offers up with how you bet. A difference of just one offer could make a huge difference to your betting in the long run, and help you gain additional profit, so it is certainly worth looking at.

Stay Safe When Betting Online at Betting Sites

This is imperative and should be one of the biggest focuses of your search. Look for a bookmaker you can trust, one that is properly licensed and regulated as well as one that uses well-known and trusted payment methods. 

This will allow you to enjoy your betting, rather than worrying about whether your funds and details are safe with the bookmaker. This is the last thing you want; you should put yourself in a position where you can enjoy your betting and not worry about it.

Look for these Betting Site Features

There is more to betting than just opening a bookmaker account and placing your bets. Each bookmaker has a number of different features, some of them are good at this and some of them are not so good. If you intend to use one of them on a regular basis then you need to look out for the better ones here. 

Betting site features include the ability to bet on a mobile app, how they approach in-play betting and what kind of markets are available inside the in-play section. 

These can be seen as new advancements in betting, and if your bookmaker is at the forefront of those then it is a good sign for other things that may come about in the future. A company that has spent time developing a mobile app and in-play betting platform is more likely to do the same for other advancements.

This will all mean that in the future, regardless of what the next advancements are, your bookmaker is likely to be one of the companies leading the way and offering it first to their players. 

A more recent popular feature is esports betting, this is a market that is going to become increasingly popular and noticeable on a betting site. Top sportsbooks are already offering a range of different markets for this. Especially USA betting sites.

Top sites are usually first to jump onto new markets and offer great odds, bonuses and other features for you to experience when betting on sports. They are also considered the safest betting sites as they have the biggest following. However, do not let this rule out new betting sites that are upcoming, they can be just as excellent, if not better, because they have a point to prove.

Play Now!

Now that you know everything there is to know about betting sites, you are ready to register and play at one yourself. Take a look at the different betting sites that we have here in our list and choose which one is most appealing to you. Also, admire some of the new betting sites that are appearing on our site, in some cases, these can be the most rewarding ones.

You can register with multiple betting sites if you like the look of them. There is no limit. Some of the best betting sites offer selections that others don’t on occasions and therefore you do not want to miss out on them, but at the same time another site offers better odds most of the time, so you want to be included in that as well.

If you also follow a sports betting tipster, you will notice that they wager on numerous betting sites and may well recommend different betting sites to you. The competition for sports betting and other is extremely high and for good reason, to benefit you.

Best Betting Sites FAQ

📱 Why Should I Bet Online Rather Than Elsewhere?

Online betting has many advantages to it. These include the convenience of betting from home or on your mobile, the competitive nature of the market means you get a great deal and the free bets and promotions that are available. 
All of this combines together to ensure the online betting service you can get is far better than anything else.

📕 How do I Choose a New Bookmaker?

This is all done by following the steps and advice we have given above. Look at how you bet, and the best bookmaker for you is one that matches your betting style. This means offers big odds on what you bet on, giving you regular offers that you can take advantage of and much more. 
The best bookmaker is the one that suits you and your betting in the best possible way.

🔐 How do I Remain Safe While Betting Online?

The key to this is two different things. The first is to use payment methods that you know, trust and are comfortable with using online. Try your best to stick with something you have used before and that should put you at ease. The second thing is to bet with a bookmaker that has the relevant license for your area. If you are from the United Kingdom, then a license from the UK Gambling Commission is what you need to be looking for and a good sign that a bookmaker is safe.

❓ Should I Choose the Same Online Betting Site as My Friends?

No, you shouldn’t. The only way this would work is if you bet in exactly the same way as them, and they have put a lot of research into finding the best bookmaker for how they bet. It is unlikely that you bet in exactly the same way, so it is likely that there is another bookmaker out there that will better suit your needs.