Best Casino Bonuses for 2024

Anyone who has played inside an online casino in the past will know all about the best casino bonuses and will more than likely have used one. These are a fantastic way to give yourself the edge and get a good deal from the casino.

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(Updated July, 2024).

Bonuses come in a variety of different ways, from new player offers to reload bonuses, free spins, bonus credits and more. Each one can be taken advantage of in a slightly different way.

But the one thing they all have in common is that they are all available and all can be used to your advantage.

The Two Types of Casino Bonus

While casino bonuses can come in many different forms, there are two specific types of casino bonus out there that you can take advantage of. 

Casino Bonuses for New Players

These are the biggest casino bonuses you will see, but you can only claim them once when you sign up with your casino. The good news is that the vast majority of casinos offer these, so if you sign up with several different sites then you can claim a new player bonus each time you do that. 

With online casinos looking for ways to attract new business, they have to make their welcome offers as big and attractive as possible. This is great news for those wanting to play on a casino site, the offers out there are fantastic.

Casino Bonuses for Existing Players

We have seen a real boom in these recently. This is because casinos have come to learn that retaining their current players is just as important as finding new players.

Much of the focus in the past has been on attracting new players, but now we are seeing casinos also focus on the players they currently have. 

These bonuses are usually smaller than those you will get when you sign up with a casino but are always worth looking out for. This is because you can take advantage of them numerous times and you don’t need to wait until you are opening a new account. 

For example, if you find a monthly offer you can use when you deposit funds, while it may be smaller than the welcome offer, you can use this 12 times a year each month, and all of that will add up to a large amount. 

Different Types of Casino Bonus

Whether it is a welcome bonus for new players or something that existing players can take advantage of regularly, casino bonuses come in many different forms. 

If you are new to casino play online or you have only ever taken advantage of one or two bonus types in the past you won’t be familiar with the different ones available. Here is a rundown of what you can expect to find when you are looking for the best casino bonuses online. 

Bonus Funds

When you sign up to a new account with a casino, one of the most common things to receive is bonus funds. These are funds in your account, usually based around the first deposit you make. 

The funds can be used in any way, but you must complete any betting and play through requirements before they transfer across into your main account balance.

When they do that, you are able to withdraw them if you wish, but while they are bonus funds you are not able to do that. 

The great part of receiving bonus funds is that they are given to you in a lump sum. Usually, this means you can stake them how you like, both in terms of how much you spend on each game or spin and on what you spend them on.

They are more flexible than free spins, which is the other common bonus to receive when opening a new account.

The bonus amount will differ between online casinos. Some casinos are more rewarding than others. It is not the case that you have to choose the casino offering the most in terms of bonus funds, because it may have the strictest terms and conditions, – for example, a very high minimum deposit.

The wagering required amount can also differ from casinos, typically the more rewarding the offer, the more you have to wager. This for some players isn’t beneficial, customers want to be able to receive the most from wagering the least.

Free Spins

Many welcome bonuses either give you free spins as the full bonus or part of it in free spins. You may also receive these as a regular bonus after your welcome bonus has been used, many casinos offer this. 

Free spins are great for slot players, but if you don’t play on slot games then you are going to have to change how you play to take advantage of them.

This is something to think about when comparing the bonuses on offer. You may see a great free spins bonus with a huge amount of spins on offer, but if you are not a slot player these are somewhat worthless to you. 

If you love playing slots, then look out for a spins casino that likes to give their players free spins as a bonus. This should mean you get a large number of them as a welcome offer. Then that will be followed up by regular offers that give you the chance to earn more free spins as you play on their games. 

The last point of note with free spins is to look at the restrictions on them when comparing bonus offers. Some casinos will offer you free spins for selected games only. These are usually restricted to three or four titles, while others will allow you to use them on any game you wish.

No Deposit Casino Bonuses

Casinos no deposit bonuses are one of the most rewarding types of casino bonuses. That’s because they allow you to receive money to wager, without having to make a single deposit.

This can be a difficult casino bonus to find because online casinos aren’t benefiting from this offer.

Typically, the casinos no deposit bonus might come with a deposit bonus code for you to enter, this will let the casinos know that you are opting in to the bonus. 

If you do come across no deposit casinos, like some of the ones mentioned on our site, then be sure to take a look at it. It is a great way to get experience in a casino online and see whether or not it is the right UK casino for you.

Use the free funds as a chance to try out new casino games. It may get you off to winning ways and from there you will continue to play. These bonuses are popular at UK casinos but not really USA casinos due to the gambling laws.

Reload Bonus

Reload bonuses are offers that existing customers can take advantage of and they are a way to keep getting a good deal. Some casinos will offer you these on your 2nd, 3rd and maybe even 4th deposit after you have joined them. 

This means when you have spent your opening deposit plus the bonus you received for joining the casino, you can claim another bonus when you make another deposit. 

Some casinos will offer these to you regularly, with requirements attached to your bonus. Either way, these bonuses can give you more when you deposit with your casino, which is going to give you more funds to spend, so a better chance of winning. 

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(Updated July, 2024).

Bonus for Depositing on Selected Days/Times

This is quite a popular offer and one that every customer can take advantage of. The beauty of these offers is that you can use them each week you play the games if you are making a deposit.

They may look small, but if you use them a lot over the course of a year then you are going to end up with a big bonus over time. 

Many of these will often be based around quiet times and days to play. For example, if the bonus is for depositing on a certain day, it is unlikely this will be on a weekend, instead it will be a quieter midweek day such as Thursday. 

If you are flexible with your gaming and have plenty of spare time, then you can work yourself around these offers so that you can take advantage of them. If you can play on Thursday and Friday, but get an offer when you play on Thursday, it makes sense to play on that day and pick up the offer. 

Which Casino Bonus Should I Choose?

This is the big question facing all casino players, and here it is important to compare the bonuses on offer with your own gaming style. 

For example, if you don’t like slot games and you play blackjack and roulette then a free spins bonus is not going to be good for you. This may be the biggest bonus, but with how you play you are better off taking a smaller bonus that gives you bonus funds so that you can play card and table games with it. 

The Biggest Casino Bonus isn’t Always the Best

The best bonus is not the biggest, but the one that compliments your style the best. You should of course try and find the biggest bonus you can, but don’t go for one that doesn’t suit your style of gaming. 

The right bonus for you is far more valuable than one that is huge but has no benefit to you because of how you play. Not only should you think about this when you are looking at the welcome bonus on offer with a casino, but you should also use it when comparing the regular offers, they have available. 

An exclusive bonus can always look so exciting and magnificent until after you’ve actually opt-in to claim the bonus. Then from here, you might find that the offer isn’t so rewarding.

You may come across terms and conditions that state the exclusive casino bonus that was advertised, has to be wagered on a certain game, which is of no interest to you. So now you’ve deposited already but, in actual fact, you are wanting a new betting casino to play at.

If you come across matching bonuses between casinos and you are really torn as to which one to register with, then in this instance you will need to read our casino reviews and see what else both casinos have to offer. It may come down to one casino having a better choice of games, such as slots, live dealer games, bingo, scratch cards and more.

Regular Bonuses Should Also Be Looked At

You need to dive deeper than just the welcome bonus if you want to give yourself the best possible casino experience. This means looking at the regular bonuses on offer. First of all, making sure that there is some so that you get some kind of benefit from playing with the casino after you have used your welcome bonus. 

Secondly, you want to match yourself up with a casino that offers bonuses that you can use. Just like with the welcome bonus, if you don’t play slots, having the chance to get free spins each week will not matter to you. These players should instead look out for things such as reload bonuses which give you bonus credits to spend in any way you like. 

Look Out for Special One-Time Offers on Social Media

Many casinos are very active on social media. It is worth following them if you can when you sign up. You will then get their latest information which may be of interest to you, but the vital factor is that you will see any competitions or bonuses that may be available to players. 

As a way of promoting themselves on social media to potential new customers, giveaways are quite a regular occurrence in the casino world. If you do not follow the casino on social media, then you will never know about these and never be able to take part. However, by being on at the right time and seeing the offers available and the competitions that you can join will allow you to be involved and put yourself in with a chance of winning. 

For many companies, there is no real pattern to these, they are random giveaways for players to take advantage of. However, they will usually occur around big events to try and get as much publicity as possible, so look out during these times. 

Friend Referral Bonuses Becoming Increasingly Popular

On the promotions page of your new casino, you will see the current promotions listed. Here you may find some kind of referral scheme for you to take advantage of if your friends sign up and use the same casino. 

These are worth looking at, and often give both you and your friend an additional bonus that you can use on your account. It is worth asking around with your friends to see if anyone is on the lookout for a new casino to try and if they are then you can offer them your referral code for you to both take advantage of. 

Referral offers have certainly become more and more popular in recent years and while not every casino offers one, many of them do. If you are looking for as many ways as possible to pick up bonus funds, then this could be one for you.

The great news is that many of these offers allow you to use the referral code multiple times, so if you have more than one friend who joins you will get more than one bonus from the casino. 

Casino Bonuses FAQ 

🎲 What is a casino bonus?

This is a gift from your casino to you. Many casinos give you a bonus when you sign up with them, and most also offer you the chance to get further bonuses with certain offers that they have in place.

♣️ Should I Always Go for the Biggest Bonus?

No! The biggest isn’t always the best. You should look to combine a big bonus with one that complements how you bet. A smaller bonus giving your bonus funds is better than a large free spins bonus if you don’t play slots. 

💰 How Important are Regular Bonuses for Existing Customers?

If you play with the same casino for several months or maybe even years, then you will only ever get one welcome bonus from them. However, you will get multiple chances to claim regular bonuses for existing customers. These are not as big, but if you play with the same casino a lot, they will eventually give you a huge bonus over time and help your casino gaming.

📝 Do Bonuses Have Terms and Conditions Attached?

Yes, every bonus will have terms and conditions attached to it. These will be available for you to read and will include things such as playthrough amounts, staking requirements, game restrictions and day/time restrictions. 

♠️ Do All Deposit Casino Bonuses Have Promo Codes?

The answer is no, not all deposit casino bonuses require casino bonus codes in order to qualify. Some simply require a qualifying wager. For example, some sites do this when you bet £/€/$10 on a game and then you will receive the bonus funds within the next 12 hours.