X Factor Betting

x factor logoCan you spot who has The X Factor? Hopefully with this handy little guide which is full of little tips, we can help you identify what to look for and make your Saturday nights in front of the TV profitable as well as fun, and make you a winner when it comes to X Factor betting.

What is the X Factor?

Well, you probably know what it is, that’s why you’re here, but nonetheless: the X Factor is a British television music competition to find new signing talent.  It was created by Simon Cowell, beginning in September 2004, and is contested by aspiring singers drawn from public auditions.

Following in the footsteps of (Pop) Idol, the show aims to find a star with that unmistakable star quality, The X Factor.

What is the Format of the Show?

There are five stages to the competition:


These non-televised auditions decide who will sing in front of the judges.


louis walsh x factorThis is the moment when you get to see the acts perform in front of the judges for the first time.  From these shows you can develop an early portfolio of your potential bets, working out which acts come across as strong singers and likeable personalities. 

Do not be afraid of acts that get one or two criticisms from the judges, as these acts can develop over the weeks of the show.

Improvement is often key in these forms of shows, an act that is the finished article straight away does not have much of a journey to complete and may struggle for public affection.

To get through an act must receive a majority verdict from the judges (three out of four votes in the latest series) an act getting all YES votes is one worth looking out for.


The contestants selected at auditions are further refined through a series of performances at “bootcamp”, and then at the “judges’ houses” until a small number eventually progress to the live finals. During these stages, the producers allocate each of the judges a category to mentor. The four categories are:

Male/Boys contestant in “16-24s” category

Female/Girls contestant in “16-24s” category

Contestant in “Over 25s” or “Over 28s” category

Contestant in “Groups” category


This is where the judges make their choices for the live shows. It is at this stage where you have all the information to hand to make an informed betting choice.  The choice of judges to each category is highly significant. Apart from a series two win with Shayne Ward and two runners up spots with G4 and JLS, Louie Walsh acts do not have a good record in the competition.  Walsh is always the worst mentor, out of touch with the public and showcasing his acts with the same limited song selections in all the years.


This is where the acts perform live in front of a studio audience and the judges.  It does little harm to reassess your betting portfolio here, an act can get lost under the lights of live televison or even catch fire in a way that seemed unimaginable before.  Look for acts that seem to have the capability of tackling a wide range of songs as the process in crowning an X Factor winner is lengthy.

It is important to keep in mind the judges as the acts with the lowest two votes go in front of the judges, who can vote to save one. In the last series (eight) judges voted to save MISHA B three times despite being in the bottom two.  Misha B was unpopular with the general public over allegations from newspapers and other judges over her bullying.

The process continues until the final where the public vote for their favourite.

Hopefully after reading this you will have identified just what is The X Factor and just who has it.