Will Michigan Legalize Online Gaming?

michigan flagHaving already seen a small number of US States embrace online gaming over the last few years, namely Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware, there has been something of a lull in the number of other US States considering putting together a legal frame work to allow residents in their boundaries to be able to legally gamble online.

However, the US State of Michigan is possibly going to be the next US State to make online gaming legal if a currently proposed Bill gets approval from State Regulators.

The only current online gambling activities that are deemed to be fully legal in Michigan is a limited number of online lottery related wagering opportunities. If the recently proposed Senate Bill 889 aptly named as the Lawful Internet Gaming Act is accepted then gamblers based within the State boundaries are going to be able to play a range of different games of chance online.

It is of course the States current financial position that has spurred five Senators to propose and put their names on this proposed Bill. It is hoped that if the Bill becomes law then up to eight initial gaming licenses will be issued for a period of five years and with those licenses costly a proposed $5million each, the $40million raised will come in very handy and will be put to good use!

It is also proposed that each gaming company that is issued with such a license will also be required to pay a monthly gaming tax of 10% which is based on Gross Revenue, and therefore the State’s coffers will be swelled even more with that taxation and the revenue derived from it.

As with any such proposed Bill it has several hoops and hurdles to pass before it does become law or is rejected. However with many US States desperately looking around for ways to raise money without putting the burden on residents living in the State boundaries, many people are commentating it will only be a matter of time before Michigan becomes the next US State to legalize online gaming.

In regards to how such sites will be operated and regulated, There will  be some form of system in place that will only permit gamblers based within the State boundaries to be able to access and gamble at any such licensed site. Also there will be required to be a system also in place to verify that anyone accessing the games of chance are over the age of 21.

However, there are now tried and tested systems in placed in places such as Nevada and New Jersey who have proven that online gambling can work. It is now regulated in much the same way as land based gaming venues in those two US States.

We shall be keeping our eye on this news story and will of course keep you fully up to date with any additional information as and when it becomes available.