Why Roulette Systems are Fraught with Danger

The beauty of the Internet is that you can quickly, and very easily look up any information you are seeking. However, when you start researching gambling systems and betting strategies, you are often going to come across a certain type of gambling system that I own’t even make mention of.

The one I’m referring to is as old as the hills, and it will often be known by different names, however the way that it works is the same.

The way in which that gambling system works and operates is very easy to understand, but you are faced with first having to choose a casino game that offers a 50-50 type of betting opportunity or as near to 50-50 as you can find.

Take for example the game of Roulette, when you play that game you do of course have the option of placing a bet on the Red or Black, High or Low or Odd or Even betting opportunities as displayed on the betting layout.

Whilst the winning pay-outs for each of those betting opportunities are even money, the true odds are not even money, as there is always the chance that a zero could be spun in. However, it is often on Roulette games that players will choose to make use of ‘the system’.

It should be pointed out that when doing so a player will opt to play French Roulette, for if a zero is spun in and a player has placed an even money paying bet, they get half of those stakes back or those best stay on the betting layout for the next spin and are not deemed to be losing ones when a zero is spun in.

How does the System Typically Work?

For those unfortunate enough to use the betting system, you are required to first place a one-unit stake bet, so if playing on a Roulette table on which the minimum bet is just 1.00. Then your initial bet is 1.00 on any of those even money paying betting opportunities. If the first bet you place is a winning one, then you have locked in a profit of 1.00 and on your next bet you simply place another 1.00 bet.

However, each time you experience a losing spin you are then required to double the value of the last bet you placed. So, your first bet will be 1.00 in our example, and if that loses your next bet will be 2.00, if that loses then your next bet is 4.00. As soon as you do achieve a winning outcome, the way this system has been designed is that you will recover all previous losses and will still make a 1.00 profit.

The major problem with this betting system is that when you experience a bad run of luck the stakes you have to play for can be (and will be) enormous, and there is the chance that eventually you will either run out of money when using that system or you will reach the maximum betting limit on the table you are playing at!

To see the way such systems can work against you, you can search for videos online that explain just how they work and why you should not use this system.

In summary, steer clear of these systems that use these principles.  While on the subject of roulette, take a look at our recommended roulette sites.