Why Are There So Many Roulette Game Variants?

The one main reason why you are going to come across lots of different Roulette game variants is quite simple, Roulette is one of the most popular table games in the world, and as such players are always seeking out new and more innovative versions of that age old classic game!

However, that doesn’t mean that every single game and variant of Roulette you will come across is going to be as good as any other version to play, for there are lots of thing you need to checkout to determine which Roulette games should be the ones you play.

The oldest Roulette games are the standard versions of American, French and European Roulette. As you will want to play a game offering you the lowest possible house edge then I would always recommend players avoid at all cost the American variant, due to its house edge being 5.26%.

The European Roulette game is a good one to play if you place any bets other than the even money paying ones, for those best and that game offers a house edge of a much more respectable 2.70%.

If the only bets you ever place when playing Roulette are even money paying ones, then aim to play the French Roulette variant which comes with a  house edge on all even money paying betting opportunities of an even lower 1.35%, due to the way those bets are not losing one’s if a zero spins in.

Other much more modern Roulette game that you are likely to come across are those on which players can make use of some very unique betting opportunities, by placing one or more side bets.

Those side best however are sadly the reasons I advise players never play such games, for those side bets often come with such enormous house edges, you are going to find that when placing them your bankroll will be eaten away, very, very quickly.

You can also play Roulette games which either have more than one ball in play on them or will be designed so that each wheel is made up of multiple wheels. The only benefit of playing those games is that you can place more bets in a shorter space of time than normal.

If you for example choose to play a triple ball or triple wheel Roulette game variant then you could win three times faster than normally if your numbers are the ones spun in. However you can also lose three times as quicker too when playing those variants if your numbers do not turn out to be the ones that do spin in!

Progressive Roulette games are also available to online players, but keep in mind the actual odds associated with winning such a jackpot are gigantic, so you are highly unlikely to ever win a progressive jackpot when playing Roulette, unless of course you are very lucky, so play them occasionally for a tad more excitement every now and then!