Which Playtech Progressive Jackpot Games Have Overdue Jackpots?

Let’s face it, if you have dreamed about winning a life changing jackpot when playing at your favourite online casino site, then the very best games to play to try and turn that dream into a reality will be the games that offer one for more progressive jackpots.

Whilst the actual chances of you winning a huge life hanging jackpots are always going to be tiny, you will have a much greater chance of winning such a jackpot when you play those games that have jackpots that have grown in size to a point where they are higher in value than the average amount they usually pay out to jackpot winners.

With that in mind, today I have spent quite a bit of time looking at the range of games available at several different casinos that have the Playtech designed range of progressive games on offer.

Below you will find an overview of the Playtech progressive games that are available network wide, meaning any casino that does offer their range of games will have each of these games available all of which share the same jackpot pools.

The games that are listed below currently, at the time of writing this news story, have jackpots that are higher in value that the usual amounts on by players, and as such there is a slightly better chance of you winning one of the following jackpots due to the fact that they haven’t been won for quite a long time and their respective jackpots are overdue.

If you are a fan of horse racing then the aptly named Frankie Dettori’s Golden 7 slot is one I think you should spend a little bit of time playing right now, for that is a slot on which the jackpot is currently €533,897 in value so you will be laughing all the way to the bank if you win that jackpot.

It is worth knowing that the average amount it awards to players winnings its progressive jackpot is a €429,612 so it is certainly at the stage where it is overdue and could be about to be won!

There will always be plenty of differently themed slot games available when you play at a casino site offering the range of Playtech slots, and another one to consider playing is the Queen of the Pyramids slot.

There are lots of different coin value and stake settings available to players of that slot, however do consider playing the 25 cent version of that slot for its jackpot is currently €149,708 which is much higher than the €43,486 average valued jackpot that it pays out to players!

One final slot for you to consider playing today is the Lotto Madness slot, that five video reel slot offers a fun to play off and potentially high paying free spins bonus game, however its progressive jackpot currently stands at a huge €74,298 which is now higher than the average jackpot paid out to players which is some €66,152!