Which are the Easiest Casino Card Games to Play?

You can very easily feel intimidated when you wander into a brick and mortar land based casino, much more so if you fancy playing some card games as opposed to play slot machines or video poker games, for those games are of course in play with real Dealers and there will be other players sat around the tables playing them too.

As such, if you have never played some of those card games before, you may not fancy giving them a try for you could feel you are going to look stupid if you make any playing or betting errors!

However, there is nothing to fear about playing card games in any casino venue, in fact if you want to get some experience of playing a large and very varied range of games at home and in private before you play them in a land based casino, you can also sign up to an online casino site and play those games for free!

There are however so many different card games and also a plethora of individual variants of the same category of card games you will come across, you may be wondering just which ones are going to be the easiest ones to play.

If so, below I have chosen a range of casino card games that are the very easiest ones to play and there is no doubt in my mind it will take you a few minutes at most to learn how to play them.

The first card game I think you may enjoy playing is Casino War, when you do set about playing that game you first have to decide how much you wish to gamble and place that amount of chips onto the betting box located directly in front of you.

By doing so, and once all other players sat around your table have also placed their wagers, the Dealer will then simply deal out one card to all players and will deal himself or herself a card too. If your card is higher in value than the Dealers card you win!

If you both get dealt out the same valued playing card you can opt to place an additional bet and another card will be dealt out to you and the Dealer to determine the outcome of the game.

There is another very easy to play card game and that is Baccarat, when playing that game all that you have to do is to decide which of two hands, those being the Bankers or Players hand is going to be dealt out a series of cards that add up closer to a value of 9.

If you bet on the Players hand and it does add up to a total value closer to 9 that that of the Bankers hand you are paid out at odds of even money, betting on the Bankers hand will see you paying a 5% house commission on your even money paying winnings if that hand is the winning hand.