Which are Microgaming’s Highest RTP Video Poker Games?

If you are a fan of playing video poker, then you are probably aware in regards to the payout percentages those categories of casino games have on offer are such, that you will find them way higher than most other casino games including all types of slot machines!

However, when you make what I feel is the savvy decision of playing at a Microgaming software powered casino site one thing you are going to come across is a very large range of different video poker games.

Due to the pay tables attached to each of those video poker game variants, each one when played optimally is going to return a different long term expected RTP, and as such in today’s news story we are going to be revealing to you the expected RTP of each of the currently available video poker games available at all Microgaming software powered sites.

Keep in mind that to get close to the expected RTP you do of course need to play each variant optimally and with perfect strategy in live play. However as Microgaming’s range of video poker games all offer something known as the auto play option setting by turning it on you will never make any game playing errors.

The auto hold will kick in once your initial five playing cards have all been dealt out to you and it will scan the cards dealt out to you and then automatically hold the best ones for you, based on the perfect strategy for that variant you are playing!

One game that most video poker players will play at one time or another is the Jacks or Better game, however be aware that when playing that game at Microgaming powered casino sites that long term RTP of that game is not the highest one available, working out at some 99.54%.

The very best video poker game you can play is the All Aces video poker game variant, for when playing that game with maximum coins and using perfect strategy you will be playing a game that has been designed to return to players a payout percentage of a very generous and high 99.92%!

If you like playing some of the many additional variants of video poker then please do be aware that Microgaming’s Aces and Faces video poker game is another game with a high payout percentage, which based on the design of the pay table should return over the long term a payout percentage of 99.26%.

There are quite a lot of different additional video poker games available, however another one which does boast something of a high paying pay table and RTP is the All American variant, and that games RTP works out at some 99.38%.

One thing worth knowing about Microgaming video over games is that their Deuces Wild game has a different pay table attached to their single hand and multi-hand variant, and as such the single hand games RTP is 96.76% whilst the multi-hand games payout percentage is higher at some 99.37%!