What’s the Best Blackjack Playing Strategy?

Most casino games you can play in any playing environment are classed as games of chance, and that does of course mean that no matter how or when you choose to play such games it is down to pure luck as to whether you do experience a winning session or end up losing your bankroll!

Games of chance however do not appeal to some players, for savvy players much prefer playing games on which their direct input and skill of playing those games has a much more direct effect on their winning chances. One type of game offering such a playing format is of course Blackjack.

Blackjack players do have plenty of choice in regards to the variants of Blackjack they can play, for most online and mobile casinos will offer lots of individual variants and also offer single hand, multi hand and in some cases even progressive jackpot awarding versions of every single Blackjack game.

It is of course the strategy that a Blackjack player chooses to adopt that will either give them an increased chance of winning and reducing the house edge they are up against, or could actually reduce their winning chances and possibly increase the house edge they are up against!

If you have found yourself being attracted towards playing Blackjack games, then allow me to pass onto you some words of wisdom in regards to the very best strategy to adopt, that will hopefully see you having more winning sessions than losing one’s!

The first tip I want to pass onto you is in regards to the actual Blackjack game variants you choose to play, the only game you should be actively playing for real money are those that boast the very lowest of house edges.

Those games for example can and do include the single hand Classic Blackjack game found at Microgaming software powered online casino sites, which boasts a house edge to perfect strategy players of just 0.13%!

Another game to be on the lookout for is the Blackjack Switch game found at Playtech software powered sites, which for reference has a house edge of a tiny 0.16%, if you play it optimally using the very best strategy of course!

Avoid placing the insurance side bet wager when playing Blackjack and also avoid ever placing any optional side bets some variants offer players.

The insurance bet and all side betting opportunities have huge independent house edges on offer, so those bets offer players no value what so ever, and have all been designed to eat away at your bankroll each time you place such bets, so never place them!

In regards to you playing off every single hand that you get dealt out by the Dealer in the best and more optimal way, simply find a Blackjack strategy card for the variant you fancy playing, for that card will then give you full instructions of how to play off each game using the very best strategy for that particular variant.