What is the Best Stake to Play Slot Games for?

I am always asked a range of questions from first time or inexperienced slot players, and one aspect of playing slots that they can often get confused about is the staking options.

So, if you have just discovered the exciting world of online slot playing, and are still trying to get your head around what stakes to play the slot games that have caught your attention for, then let me pass onto you a few pointers!

The very first thing you do need to be aware of is that most if not all online slots are going to be designed as what are known as multi-denomination slots. That simply means as a player you have full control over the coin values you can have in play.

When you first launch any online slot you should make a point of checking what the available coin values are, and select the one that is best suited to your available bankroll.

Another thing you will often have to configure are the number of pay lines you wish to have in play, and the number of coins you want to wager on each of those pay lines too!

Whist it is possible to play any number of pay lines on an optional pay line slot, to have the maximum chance of winning it is advisable for you to activate every single one of them, that way if a winning combination does spin in on any pay line you will then receive the winning payout associated with that winning combination.

Playing anything lower than the maximum number of pay lines will see you running the very real risk of having winning combination spinning in on pay lines you haven’t activated and put into play, and you won’t then receive a payout if that happens!

Your available bankroll is the only thing you have at your disposal in regards to how long you can play any slot games for, and as such you should always treat it with respect.

If you are attracted to towards playing for example video slots which offer bonus games and/or bonus features then be aware the more base game spins you play off, the better your chances will be of triggering those bonus games and bonus features.

On average it takes around 150 base game spins between bonus games and features triggering, so with that in mind an ideal stake to play is one that will see you dividing up your bankroll in such a way that you are then guaranteed to get 150 spins from that bankroll, and therefore have a very fair chance of getting to play off a slot machines bonus game.

So if you have 150.00 as your bankroll then play a slot that allows you to play for a stake of 1.00, as that way you will get 150 spins at least out of that bankroll, and will get a fair amount of play time playing off those spins too.