Ways to Speed Up an Online Casino Withdrawal

Settling down to play casino games in a real money playing environment online will be exciting, for irrespective of how much you have available as your own personal bankroll, there is always the chance you could win big on any real money gambling session you have online.

However, when you do win you will always be hoping the casino site you have chosen to play at is going to pay you out your winnings quickly, and without forcing you to jump through all manner of different hoops to receive in full your winning payment.

Sadly, as an online casino game player you are going to come across all manner of different obstacles put into your way from some casino sites, that will force you to have to wait days or even weeks to get paid out your winnings.

With that in mind what I want to enlighten you on today is how you can remove those obstacles and have everything in place that will allow you to get paid out your winnings in the fastest possible time frames at most online and mobile casino sites.

The very first thing you are going to have to do at all such sites is to ensure you have had your casino account verified. That is usually a one-off procedure that will see you having to send into the casino copies of your identification documents and a recent utility bill.

Rather than you wait for any casino site you have signed up to and have been playing at to request those documents from you, which they often do only at the point in time you request a winning pay-out, make sure you send them in when you first sign up to a casino.

By you doing so the casino is then not going to be able to use the excuse that your account hasn’t been verified when you do make your very first cash out, which will always delay that withdrawal!

Also, it is often the payment option that you choose to make use of to get paid out your winnings that is going to determine just how long you must wait to receive your winnings. If you select a bank wire or a cheque/check as your preferred payment option, you could wait many days or over a week to receive your payment.

If you select a web wallet for example such as PayPal, Neteller or Skrill most casinos have systems in place that will enable them to send those withdrawals by those methods much quicker than any other method, so do consider using such a payment option at any casinos you choose to play at.

One final thing to keep in mind that to override the pending periods that some casinos also have in place which is several days whereby they will not touch and process your withdrawal but leave it in a reversible state, ask the support staff if they will flush your withdrawal.

When you ask for a withdrawal to be flushed it is removed from its pending state and sent to the casinos cashiers team to be processed. But not all casinos will flush withdrawal, but some of them will do for their regular players!