Using Bitcoin as a Casino Payment Method

There has been a lot of interest in regards to using digital currencies as an online casino payment option, for many players much prefer the anonymity of using such a payment option, and it does allow them to also send money into a casino site and get paid out their winnings with having to use a credit or debit card.

Whilst it is very true to say many online casino players much prefer using a credit or debit card as they way they fund their casino accounts online, sadly that is not an option for some players, such as those based in the USA.

What you are going to have to decide is just which cryptocurrency to use, and there is no getting away from the fact that Bitcoin is one of the most readily available cryptocurrencies and there are now a huge and growing range of online casino sites that will allow you to use Bitcoin as both a deposit option and also as a way to make withdrawals too.

With that in mind I shall now give you a quick overview of just how you can start using Bitcoin to make saint and safe deposits into a casino site and also how to get paid out your winnings too.

The very first thing you will need to download onto your computer  or mobile phone is a Bitcoin wallet,  there are plenty of them to choose from so I doubt you are going to have any difficulties getting one installed on your computer.

One you have a digital wallet you then simply need to find somewhere that you can buy Bitcoin from, and that will simply entail you looking for a digital currency exchange, by doing so you can then instantly by any unit of Bitcoin you wish to buy and it will then be sent over to your digital wallet.

Keep in mind though that all digital currency exchanges are going to charge you some form of fee to buy Bitcoin, and additional fees may be levied onto you dependent on what payment method you choose to pay for your Bitcoin order with!

Once you have done all of the above then simply find a casino site offering you Bitcoin as a payment option and select it from the banking interface at that casino site.

You will be able to deposit as much or as little of Bitcoin as you do desire, so do not think you are going to have to deposit one singe Bitcoin!

If you do experience a winning session then you can also request your winnings are sent back out to your Bitcoin wallet, and there are plenty of casino sites that are going to allow you to withdraw your winnings instantly, so they will not sit in a pending state for hours, days or even weeks!

You are of course also going to be able to claim all manner of different bonuses if you do decide to use Bitcoin as your chosen payment option, so you will never miss out on being able to claim a  plethora of bankroll boosting casino bonuses!