Understanding the Win-Win Slot Game Feature

I just know that if you are a slot player who plays slot machines regularly, then there would have been plenty of times in the past when you have played a slot game, triggered its bonus game and once you had played it off found it has only paid out a small amount or cash or sometimes nothing at all!

One of the most annoying aspects of playing any type of bonus game awarding slot is that there is never any way of knowing whether that bonus game is going to be a high paying one or a low paying one, and it will of course be the former you will be hoping for rather than the latter!

However, if you play at casino sites that offer their players the ever growing range of Real Time Gaming designed slot games, of which by the way there are many of them available online, then you are going to find a range of slots that have a special and unique Win-Win feature attached and on offer on them.

The way in which that feature has been designed is that it will kick in at the point in time that any bonus game you have triggered has finally come to an end and has been played off.

If the bonus game has not awarded you with at the very least 10 times the stake amount you wagered on the bonus game triggering spin then a bonus payout is awarded to you.

That bonus payout is going to be randomly selected but can be as low as five times your base game triggering stake amount or as high as 100 times that stake amount!

However, if you trigger a bonus game that has a Win-Win feature attached to it and the bonus game doesn’t award you anything what so ever, then you are going to instantly be awarded at the end of that bonus game a bonus payout worth 100 times the amount you wagered on the bonus game triggering spin!

To be perfectly honest I do like the way the Win-Win feature has been designed, for you have probably triggered loads of bonus games playing slot machines in the past like I have, and have ended up winning very little or nothing at all as those bonus games played off.

At least when you do play a slot game with that feature attached and on offer on it you will know at the very least you are going to get five times your staked amount when the bonus game has paid off, but could end up winning 100 times your base game staked amount if the bonus game didn’t award you with anything as it was playing off!

There are over a dozen different slot machines available from RTG that do have the Win-Win feature attached to them, so it isn’t going to prove troublesome or time consuming for you to track down those slot games if you do fancy playing any of them!