Understanding the Pros and Cons of Using PaySafeCard

It does of course go without saying that you will need to find both a way of depositing into any casino site you choose to play at, whilst also ensuring you have a way of seamlessly being able to withdraw and winnings you achieve.

One thing you are never going to find a shortage of, irrespective of the casino site you sign up to and play at though are deposit methods! You will often find over a dozen deposit options available at most casino sites and there are pros and cons of using each one of them.

PaySafeCard for example is a prepaid voucher type of payment service, that enables anyone to pay for their casino deposits in cash, however to do so you will need to find a retail outlet, shop or store nearby where you live at which you can buy those vouchers at.

In most European countries you will find it is fairly easy to get hold of a PaySafeCard voucher, for any shop that sells mobile phone top ups or other types of vouchers will usually sell them.

If you are in the UK you will find that any store displaying either a Pay Zone or Pay Point sign outside are going to be able to sell you a PaySafeCard voucher, and in places such as Spain I have also seen vending machines that can be used to buy them at too.

The way in which you can buy one of those vouchers is straight forward enough, you simply decide how much you wish to deposit into your chosen casino site and then request that value of voucher from the shop assistant.

You will however need to pay for them in cash as opposed to using a debit or credit card, and once paid your voucher will then be printed off. On the front of that voucher you will find the price you paid for it displayed along with a long unique PIN code.

Upon returning home you then simply need to log into your casino account, launch the banking interface and then click on the PaySafeCard button.

You then be prompted to enter the value of the voucher and that PIN code and then by clicking on redeem or verify the banking interface will verify the voucher and then add your funds instantly to your account.

The main benefit of using a PaySafeCard voucher is you can only spend the face value of them, and as such unlike a debit or credit card you cannot keep on making deposits until your bank account is depleted or your credit card maxes out!

The only downside of such vouchers is that they are a one way payment system, so when you do make a deposit using PaySafeCard voucher you need to have another method available to you to cash out any winnings, however you will also be given plenty of withdrawal options by the casinos site you are playing at!