Understanding Single Slot Session Payout Percentages

The payout percentage that any online slot game has been designed to payout, will usually be published somewhere online.

In the last few years a great many slot game designers have been required by law to publish the expected and theoretical payout percentages that all of their available slot games have been designed to payout by Gambling Commissions and Licensing Authorities.

Therefore players now have the ability of looking up the payout percentages on each slot they fancy playing, to be able to judge whether they will get a fair number of winning spins spinning in and plenty of play time over the long term too from their often overstretched bankroll!

However, slot games are completely random, so never be under the illusion that you are going to get back when playing for example a slot that has been designed with a 97% payout percentage, 97.00 for every 100.00 you wager through that slot on any one single session!

The random way in which each spin is determine could see you achieve a much lower payout percentage than that, or if you are lucky you could of course achieve a much higher payout percentage when playing that slot machine.

Many players however do want to know just how much by way of a payout percentage they have achieved when playing one or more slot machines, and with that in mind I will now show you just how easy that is to work out.

You will however be required to keep full track of two different sets of figures when playing any slot games, and the first is the total amount of cash you have wagered on that slot and also just how much cash you have won when playing it too.

Once you know the total value of your stakes and your winning payouts then you simply divide your winning payouts by the total stakes you wagered.

To help explain that more let’s say you have wagered in total on any slot game you have been playing 789.40, and that slot paid out to you 645.90 as you played it. By dividing 645.90 by 789.40 you get 0.81 (to two decimal places).

When the final figure you arrive at begins with a zero simply knock off that zero and the decimal point and in our example you are then left with 81, and as such the payout percentage of that slot playing session was 81.00%.

In that example you lost more than you won of course, so let me now show you the workings out when you have had a winning session.

Let’s say you were paid out by a slot machine 1254.70 as you played it but wagered just 899.20, by dividing the winnings 1245.70 by the stakes 899.20 you are left with 1.38, again to two decimal places.

If the figure you arrive at is higher than a zero then get rid of the decimal point only, and in that example you single session payout percentage would have been 138%, meaning that you were showing a profit!