Two Mega Moolah Slot Jackpots Won In Fairly Quick Succession

The range of Microgaming designed and supplied Mega Moolah series of slots have become hugely popular with players, for one, well actually four main reasons, and those reasons are that each slot machine in that series has four different progressive jackpots that can be won at the end of any one single base game spin of the five video reels.

However, unlike many other suppliers progressive video slot games, it does not matter at what stake level you are playing any of the Mega Moolah slot games for, any spin could be the one that triggers a wheel spinning bonus feature which when triggered is guaranteed to award one of those four different sized progressive jackpots.

The Mega Moolah slot is already the slot game named in the Guinness Book of Records as being the slot that has awarded the highest valued online slot game jackpot and that list of jackpots winners does keep on getting longer and longer.

It is the Mega Jackpot that a player will be dreaming of whinging whenever they play any of the range of differently themed Mega Moolah slots, for that jackpot has a reset seed value of a whopping £/$/€ 1million, based on of course the currency that a player is playing those slot games for.

It was 27 days ago that one lucky player managed to win an awe-inspiring €8 million jackpot payout whilst playing the Mega Moolah slot on their mobile device, however that slot has just paid out its jackpot again, and this time is paid out an equally respective €3,722,530.12.

It does of course usually take much longer for the jackpots to be won based on the amount of time the last jackpot was awarded, however being a completely random series of progressive jackpot slots there is no way of knowing when the jackpot will be won, however 27 days is certainly a record!

One of the main advantages of choosing to play not only the Mega Moolah slot but any other Microgaming designed progressive slot games is that unlike other suppliers who pay out their jackpot winning players in instalments, Microgaming ensures that each jackpot winner playing any of their progressive games is paid out their winnings via a single payout.

As such by making the very wise decision of playing any of their range of progressive slots or other progressive jackpot awarding casino games, if you do win the big one you will never be waiting very long for your winnings to hit your bank account!

For reference each of the Mega Moolah slot games offer one of three different coin value settings, and as such you can play with the coin value settings set at either 0.01, 0.02 or 0.05, and with a range of different pay line playing structures attached to each slot in that series, and as each slot game does also boast its own unique bonus games and bonus features we do feel there will be a good chance you will find at least one of those slots to your liking!