Triple 7’s Blackjack Game Jackpot Overdue!

Playing Blackjack at a Microgaming powered casino site is going to open up a huge range of different variants to you, all of which you can play for different stake amounts.

There are of course some very low house games, the most famous of all being the single hand Classic Blackjack game which boasts a house edge of just 0.13%, but you will of course find plenty of multi-hand variants on offer too which allow you to play several hands all at the same time.

However, hidden deep in the games menu at those casino sites will be the Triple 7’s Blackjack game on which a player has the chance of winning a progressive jackpot. You will need to place a forced side bet which is going to cost you 1.00 per hand you play to have the chance of winning the progressive jackpot though.

We have been monitoring the jackpot attached to that game for quite a while now and have discovered that the last time a player won the jackpot was on Monday the 19th of August 2016, and as such it hasn’t been won for exactly year now!

On average the jackpot is won every 129 days and the average jackpot players win on the Triple 7’s Blackjack game is 77,836.00, be aware that it is a game you can play in one of several different currencies, and the jackpot is paid out in the currency you are playing for.

As such with the jackpot not having been won for a year now, and as the current value of the jackpot is way over the average jackpot amount it may be a game worth playing for that jackpot may just be about to be won.

At the time of us putting together this news story the current value of the progressive jackpot was an impressive 90,574!

So if you do decide to play Blackjack at a Microgaming software powered casino site take a quick look at the value of the Triple7’s progressive jackpot and if it is higher than that amount it is certainly going to be a game worth playing.

You may be wondering what you can win when placing that forced side bet in addition to the progressive jackpot and also what hand combinations you need to be dealt out to win a range of bonus payouts, and with that in mind below is a quick overview of each of those bonus payouts.

Being dealt out a 7 as your first card will see you winning a 5.00 bonus payout, that bonus payout is boosted to 25.00 if your first two cards are any two 7’s in any suit, but if you get two 7’s dealt out to you in the same suit you are paid out a bonus payout of 50.00.

Should you be dealt out three 7’s in any suit as your first three cards then you are going to be awarded with a bonus payout of 250.00 which becomes a payout worth a much higher valued 1000.00 payout if your first three cards are 7’s in the same suit.

However, if those three 7 valued cards are dealt out to you in the suit of Diamonds then you will win the progressive jackpot!