Top Five Tips for Playing Blackjack Optimally

Any casino game on which a player can have some effect on the outcome of the result of that game by the way they play is going to be popular with players. That is certainly the case with the game of blackjack that can be found at every single online, mobile and even land based casino you can visit and play at.

There are of course a few tips for playing Blackjack that you are best off learning, before you start to play, to get a slightly increase chance of winning, or not losing as much over the long term as you normally would!

The first tip I want to pass onto you is in regards to how you pick the variant to play, what you should always do is find out what each game has been designed to return by way of its house edge.

That is a theoretical percentage of players stakes, over the long term that a casino is expected to win from all players based on the game play rules and payouts associated with each game they offer to players. The lower the house edge any Blackjack game variant has been designed to play off to the better.

Next, if you are playing Blackjack and you are dealt out a pair of Aces then the very best way to play that hand is to always splitting Aces. By splitting a hand two new hands are then formed with each Ace card. You will however be required to place an additional stake on the new hand that you form with one of the Aces and the cost of that stake is the same as you initially bet on the starting hand.

Another tip for playing Blackjack optimally is in regards to how you should play off a pair of 10 valued cards. The best strategy for playing off such a hand is to always stand them.

Quite a number of players will think the best move to make when dealt out a pair of ten valued cards if they Dealer is showing low valued card is to split their cards, however that is not the case, and as such always stand a pair of 10’s o ten valued cards.

Much like you should always split a pair of Aces that is also exactly what you should do if and when you have been deal tout a pair of 8’s, whilst a new stake is required on the new hand formed it is the very best playing strategy of most Blackjack game variants.

Never take insurance is my fifth and final tip for playing Blackjack. The insurance wager will be offered to you for example when the Dealers up facing card is an Ace, and that insurance bet will payout at odds of 2 to 1 if the Dealers hands ends up being a Blackjack hand.

The cost of the insurance wager is always half of your initial stake however it is a mug bet purely down to the fact it has an enormous and very unappealing house edge, so never take insurance!