Top 5 Slot Playing Errors Revealed

elementals slotEvery slot player has been there: you sit down to play a slot game you like the look of and set about playing off any number of spins only to find out that you are playing that slot machine wrong! What makes matters worse is that you could have won a huge jackpot payout if only you had played it a certain way, or you could have triggered a bonus game if only you had played that slot in a different way than the one you did!

So with that in mind we shall take a look at the five most common playing errors that slot players can and often do make, which should at the very least give you something to think about and be aware of when you next set about playing slot machines in any playing environment.

The first type of slot game that you could make a major playing error on are progressive slots, when you set about playing those types of slot machines before you click onto the spin button familiarise yourself with the way the jackpot or jackpots are won, if you can only win a progressive when playing max bet coins then only play that slot with max bet coins spins in play!

Fruit Machines are another type of slot you can play online, and one mistake players of those types of gaming machines make when they have been awarded a nudge feature is nudging down the wrong reels. When playing Microgaming’s Pub Fruity slot do be aware there is a special pre-nudge peek feature, and when clicking on the triangle at the top of the middle reel the reels will bounce down enabling you to see which symbols are out of view!

Playing a free spins awarding slot calls for you to always play max line spins on the base game for when you trigger the free spins feature you then have every possible way to win in live play. So keep that in mind and only play such slots with every payline activated or you could miss out on a large free spins winning payout!

Playing any slot offering a bonus game triggered by a set of bonus symbols that have to line up from left to right to trigger the feature on activated pay lines will see your chances of triggering that feature decreasing if you only activate a small number of lines per spin!

One final thing to be aware of when you set about playing a slot which has a progressive jackpot that is guaranteed to hit by a certain level is that you should never play those slots when the jackpots are low in value.

If they are that means someone has very recently won that jackpot and your chances of winning will be much lower. If however the jackpot is very close to its guaranteed hit amount, then the best thing you can do is to carry on playing that slot game as its jackpot is shortly about to hit! Stop playing and walk off and someone else will win it!