The Worst Places to Play Slot Machines

You can of course find slot machines in all manner of unusual places, however as a player you do need to know where you should never play them!

With that in mind let me give you an insight into just which places have slot machines that have been set with much lower RTP’s, and they are of course the slot machines that you should never set about playing.

When in Vegas the airport is packed with slot machines, but that is one place that does, for a certain length of time, have a captive customer base, and as such those machines you see dotted around the arrivals halls and departure games should be avoided, due to low pay-out percentages.

If it worth pointing out those, that if you are a slot player who tends to play slot games online, that most slot game designers have designed their slot machines to play and pay to a set long term RTP, no matter in which casino site you find them available.

So, when playing any of the larger and better-known suppliers ranges of slots, you will find that you get a fair chance of winning no matter at which casino site you play at.

However, that cannot be said for some designers, take for example Real Time Gaming, their slot games can have two or three possible pre-set pay-out percentages, and the operators of each casino site can pick and choose the pay-out percentages they want their machines to be set with, from the options available.

Fruit machines are another type of slot game you may enjoy playing, if you have never seen or come across those types of slots before, they are usually designed as three-reel slots with one single pay line, and often offer just small stake levels.

But fruit machines do come jam packed full of bonus games and bonus features, so they can be very exciting games to play.

You should avoid playing fruit machines in cafés, takeaways and pubs, as they often come with the lowest possible RTP settings available. If you are going on a cross channel ferry or even a cruise, then it is often the case the slots and fruit machines available on ferries and cruise ships will have terribly low pay-out percentages.

Vegas is of course one place that most slot players will attempt to visit at least once in their life, in not several times, and when you are an avid slot player and are intending  to do lots of gambling in Vegas then avoid the slots in the casinos on the Las Vegas Strip, for it is those that do come with lower pay-out percentages when compared to the slots available down town.

Also, it is the coin values settings that also do have an effect on the pay-out percentages on any Vegas based slots, and the lower the denomination the lower the pay-out percentage, so if you want to play slots aim to play for a slightly higher coin value setting, reducing the number of pay lines you have in play to make those machines affordable to play.