The Rules for Playing Pai Gow Poker

There are quite a few weird and wonderful casino card games that you are going to come across, when you log into most casino sites, and one game that you may fancy playing is called Pai Gow Poker.

It is a surprisingly easy game to play and being one that is a fairly low variance game and one that comes with a very reasonable house edge it may be a game you could fancy playing if you want something of a much longer card game playing session.

With that in mind I will now give you quick insight into the playing rules associated with the standard game of Pai Gow Poker, that most of the featured casino sites listed throughout this website will have on offer to their players.

The standard variant of Pai Gow Poker uses a deck that is made up of 53 playing cards the additional card is a Joker card. That Joker can be used as an Ace card to help player complete a Straight, Flush, Straight Flush or a Royal Flush hand only.

To send the game into live play a player does of course need to place a chip or chips onto their betting box and then simply click onto the deal button, By doing so the Dealer is then going to deal out a total of seven cards to the Players hand and seven cards are dealt out to his hand also.

All of the standard poker based hand rankings are used to determine the winner of each game played, there is one exception to the standard poker hand rankings and that is an Ace, 2, 3, 4 and 5 straight hand which in Pai Gow Poker is known as the Wheel Hand.

The heel Hand is the second highest straight hand you can have hen playing Pai Go Poker, so keep that in mind!

As soon as all of the playing cards have been dealt out, the Player is then required to turn his hand into two separate ones, consisting of a five card high hand and also a two low card hand. The rules stipulate that the high hand must be set as a higher ranked hand than that of the two card low hand.

The game play rules also dictate that the five card hand will be ranked as per the industry standard five card poker rankings, with the two card hand being either a pair or no pair hand, if not a pair then that hand will be determined by its high card ranking.

Once a Player has set his two hands then the Dealer is going to show his hand and will form two hands in much the same way as a player has set his using the same rules, those rules are, for reference known as the House Way.

Both the two five card hands will then be compared along with the two card hands, and if the Players hands are both higher than the Dealers then he is the winner, or vice versa.

Should both of the Players hands beat the Dealers he is paid out at even money less a 5% house commissions, if however the one hand is a winning hand and the other hand is a losing one the game is a push, if one the Players hands is a tie and the other hand loses then the player loses.