The Main Differences between Low and High Variance Slots

It will always be the type of slot machines that you choose to play that will either see you getting lots of play time from your bankroll, or end up having some rather short lasting slot playing sessions!

Obviously, it is also the stake levels at which you choose to play any slot games for and the amount of luck you have when playing them that will either determine whether you win big or deplete your bankroll in no time at all!

When you do set about playing slot machines in any playing environment though, you need to be aware of the fact that each slot machine will have been designed in one of three different ways.

Each slot can have a high variance type of playing structure, a medium variance playing structure of a low variance playing structure, and it will be the amount of risk you want to have on any slot playing session that will determine just which type of slot playing session you will experience.

The main characteristics of low variance slot games are such that they tend not to offer a huge jackpot first and foremost, and any bonus games and bonus features you trigger tend not to be huge paying ones either.

But when you set about playing a low variance slot what you will find on the base game is that you tend to spin in plenty of low valued winning payouts.

That ensures that players, over their long term play, do get to recycle their bankrolls much more when playing such slots due to the high frequency of low valued winning payouts that are spun in when playing such a slot.

However, high variance slots as the name does suggest are the complete opposite of low variance ones, and when playing them by looking at the pay table you will see they do have some huge potential jackpots on offer.

Also when playing such a slot and you trigger a bonus game those bonus games do give you the chance of winning big, in fact very big if everything falls into place as you play off your bonus game.

But when playing the base game of a high variance slot, they will deliver a completely different playing structure than a low variance slot, for you will not get anywhere near as many low valued winning payouts spinning in.

Due to the lack of an abundance of low valued winning payouts those high variance slots can then award those much higher but often much rarer mega payouts.

You will also come across a category of slot machines known as a medium variance type of slot, and the way those slot have been designed is that they fit in the middle of low and high variance ones, so you often get a mix of low and high valued payouts being awarded to you when playing them.

By looking at the pay table of any slot machines you do fancy playing you can then often determine just what type of variance it has been designed around.