The Important of Staking Slot Games Optimally

Most slot players leave their chances of winning when playing slot machines to luck and luck alone, and whilst that is perfectly honest just as good a system as most others, it is always going to be preferable for any slot player to play slots in such a way that they have the maximum chances of winning.

Even though slot machines by their design are completely random, and there is never any way of knowing when one may pay-out, there are some things that you can put into place to ensure you do always have the best chance of coming away in profit.

The first thing you should ensure that you are aware of is the effect that the coin values and stakes you do play some slot games for will have on the way the slots play and pay.

When faced with slot machines in a land-based gaming venue is to usually the case that those slots which come with much higher RTP’s are the ones that have been set with the highest possible coin value setting.

But many people may think that they cannot afford to play say 25 cent slots when they usually play slot games for pennies, but by choosing and putting in place a smaller number of pay lines when playing 25 cent slots you will have a much better chance of winning or getting more of your stakes returned over you long term play than you would when playing a penny slot.

That isn’t however usually the case when you play any type of slot machines at an online or mobile casino site, for most casinos will have pre-set long term RTPs that each machine will be aiming to pay-out over the long term irrespective of the stake levels and coin values the games are being played for.

It is not only slot machines that need careful attention considering to the stake levels you play them for, as there are plenty of other games that can often be affected regarding the stake levels you play them for and how much they will pay out.

Take for example video poker machines, players tend to have the chance of playing for one to five coins per hand, however on most video poker machines you will find when you do play five coins as opposed to one to four coins per hand an enhanced jackpot is up for grabs.

Therefore, make sure no matter which video poker games you do decide to play, if there is any type of enhanced jackpot pay-out when playing for five coins you must always play five-coin hands.

Much like slot machines however, those video poker machines with higher coin denomination settings do tend to have much higher paying pay tables attached to them when being platform high higher stakes, but always make sure you always gamble responsibly and only play for stakes you can afford to play for, or your money may not last too long!