The Importance of Checking Video Poker Pay Tables

If playing video poker is something you love doing, and you are the type of person who is more than happy to play at lots of different online casino sites then be aware the pay tables on some variants may be different!

Even if the video poker game you play has the same name as another game available at different casino sites, you could end up playing one that has a much lower paying pay table! That could mean the payout percentage on offer on the one you choose to play could be lower than the same game available elsewhere!

With that in mind today we are going to be taking a look at different video poker games that do share the same name but are available at different online casino sites. We will also be pointing out any differences in regards to the payout percentages those games have been set to return due solely to the way the pay tables have been designed.

Be aware though that when you do play video poker there is an element of skill involved, and one handy feature you can make use of when playing online poker is an auto hold feature. When you click onto the option settings and activate the auto hold feature the game will then hold the best cards for you when it has dealt out your first five initial cards!

Let us start with Microgaming single hand Deuces Wild video poker game, that game has been designed in such a way that all of the 2 valued cards are going to be completely wild, so when any number of them have been dealt out to your hand they will stand in for any other cards in the deck.

However, the single hand variant of that game from Microgaming has a pay table that has been set to return a payout percentage of 96.76%. But if you choose to play the multi-hand variant of that game you will find a much higher paying pay table that will return a much higher payout percentage of some 99.37%!

When you play at Reel Time Gaming software powered casinos, the operators of those casino sites have the option of attaching one of three different pay tables to all of their video poker games, and as such you need to ensure that the casino you do sign up to and play at has the highest possible pay table on offer!

The Jacks of Better video poker game is a very popular one with players the world over, as it is one of the easiest video poker games to play. When you play at most online casino sites you will find the industry standard pay table attached to those games which returns a payout percentages of a fairly generous and high 99.54%.

But by choosing a casino site that has the NetEnt designed Jacks or Better video poker game you will find a slightly higher paying pay table attached to that game which when played optimally and with the very best strategy will return a payout percentage of 99.56%!