The Best Type of Free Slot Spins Bonuses to Claim

With so many different slot game related promotional offers available to players the days, you really do need to ensure that the ones you do claim and make use of are going to give you the maximum winning opportunities and the maximum value too.

Therefore, today I am going to be taking a much closer look at one type of slot game related promotional offer that quite a lot of online and mobile casino sites have on offer to their players.

Those promotions are free slot spins, and you will be offered them as a new player of some casino sites simply for signing up to that site or you could be offered them as a bonus when you make a deposit of a certain value into a casino site you are already a player of.

A set of free spins is going to allow you, once they have been credited to your account, to launch the slot they have been added to and then play off those free spins, and you will be hoping to achieve as many winning spins from those free spins as you possibly can do.

However, the first thing that you do need to double check is just how many pay lines are going to be activated on the slot, and also the coin values and the number of coins per pay line that will be in play for the duration of your awarded free spins.

Some casino sites have been known to only activate a small percentage of the available pay lines on a slot when giving away free spins, which will be rather annoying if you initially were under the impression a 50 pay line slot for example would have all fifty pay lines activated, only to find once you claim your free spins that five of the 50 pay lines are actually in play!

The coin values and the number of coins activated and in play for the duration of your awarded free spins are also important, for that will determine the actual value of the promotional offer.

Also, you should take a look at all of the terms and conditions associated with any set of free spins you are thinking of claiming, for it is also going to be just how the winnings accumulated when you are playing of your free spins that will detriment if that type of promotional offer is a true valued one.

If your winnings are credited as cash credits, then all is good, for you can then choose to either cash out those winnings on the spot of carry on playing in the hope you carry on winning and be able to make a much higher valued withdrawal.

However, if the winnings are credited to your casino account then you are going to have to play through those winnings a certain number of times before they become cash credits, and as such a free slot spins bonus designed in that way is not really a true valued promotion!