Tarot Card Meanings

Several of our readers have made mention of their use of tarot cards whilst playing poker online to help guide how they play.

To be clear about how they use them, they’ve said that it’s not about letting the cards decide their play, but rather to serve as an additional insight into their thought process.

It can be used as a way to question themselves as to why they are making a particular decision.  i.e. is it the right thing to do – or is it made out of impatience or egotistical reasons? Yes or No tarot reading has been around for hundreds of years.

A poker player recently commented on a tarot forum that he pulls a tarot card before the start of a tournament and reads what part of his personality it might relate to – and then keeps this in mind when making decisions at the table. During the tournament, he’ll draw more cards at pivotal points of the game or when being faced with making a difficult decision.

In light of this interesting concept and as part of our comprehensive wider look at card games, we’ve compiled a guide to Tarot cards and their meanings. It is designed to introduce you to one of the most commonly used decks of Tarot cards in the world, that being the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

If you are interested in learning more about the meanings of all cards in this deck, then please read on. Each card in the deck is listed below and alongside each of them, you will find an overview of their meanings.

I hope that this gives you a full understanding of the advice, warnings and guidance that each of those cards will be offering you when they have been chosen.

Major Arcana Cards

I’ll start off by giving you an insight into all of the Major Arcana (Trump) Cards that could be dealt out to you when you are having a Tarot Card reading.  Please note that this is quite a long article due to the number of cards in the deck!

The Fool – The Fool card indicates that a change of direction in life is required, however one needs to open up one’s mind and think outside of the box in regards to what form that new direction will take.

A new outlook on life is suggested with this card and one that will enable you to be much more spontaneous and go with the flow, rather than being way too busy sorting out things in a methodical and well planned way.

Never be too concerned about other people’s expectations, you need to ensure you are happy and contented with life, and stop spending so much time on conforming and making other people happy.

The Magician – Whilst knowing what you want and how to achieve it is natural to many people, it is often the case that people will not draw on their inner strengths and abilities in regards to putting together an action plan to achieve their dreams or their way in life.

When The Magician card is dealt out it indicates a person does hold all of the personal qualities and abilities to achieve what they want in life, but may have been put off soul searching to achieve them. Therefore going by your gut feeling will help you make decisions that need to be made.

The High Priestess – You will need to concentrate much more if you have been dealt out the High Priestess card, as there is a very good likelihood that you are the type of person who is very easily distracted by what is going on around you.

Also, attention does have to be given to your sleeping pattern and also you eating habits, and as such as soon as you master all three of those things you will then start to find inner peace, and will get into a solid and robust routine.

The Empress – You may be the type of person who often looks back on the things you have done in the past with some regret, however whilst you may have made a handful of bad or incorrect decisions previously, you should never dwell on them.

You have made some excellent decisions too, in the past, and you should always trust your good sense of fair play and proven responsibility skills, to enable you to move forward, and ignore those occasional mistakes and bad decisions you have made.

The Emperor – Being able to show very strong leadership skills when needed, and also to have the power and capabilities to concentrate fully on the job in hand is something you are very good at, however often you feel you do not possess such skills, but you do.

You are the type of person who can show some excellent leadership skills when you put your mind to it and by staying confident and speaking out loud when required to do so you will always know how to handle any situation, even if you do not think you will be able to do so.

The Hierophant – This card indicates that you are a very good leaner and when you put your mind to learning any tasks of new skills you can pick them up and fully master them very easily.

You may however underestimate your skills and abilities and be afraid or put off about letting others know that you are good at listening and learning and can turn your hand to most tasks. You may have been considering a new job or hobby and if so then keep in mind you will be good at learning any new job or getting your head around a new hobby, despite how you may feel.

The Lovers – Careful planning and taking a good long hard look at the options that are open and available to you is what you should try and do when you have been dealt out the Lovers card, which may be a personal quality that you have not yet mastered.

Never be in too much of a rush to make decisions, for by looking at any options that are available to you, and then choosing the right one for you personally will have some long term benefits including inner peace and contentment in your life.

The Chariot – There is the likelihood that change is on the horizon when you have been dealt out the Chariot card, and as such you should look at those changes with excitement and also as something of an adventure as they are changes that you should fully embrace.

You should also be prepared to become much more receptive in regards to any new people you come across and meet when those changes happen, and never be put off visiting new places or avoiding contact with new people as you move forward. Be prepared also to wave the past goodbye too.

Strength – One thing you may possess when you have been dealt out the Strength card is an ego, and possibly a very big ego too! However, it is always going to pay dividends for you to consider doing things that do not necessarily come natural to you or things that you are unsure about.

You are however always prepared to speak out when required, and if you are negotiating with people who you deem to be powerful then always be prepared to stand your corner to ensure that you get the best deal possible, which you should find easy to achieve.

The Hermit – You can and will come across subliming blocks in life, or there may be someone in your life that is blocking your way in regards to what you want to achieve in life or in any personal situation.

You can also find that you have been set some very stiff tasks either in your work life or personal life, but you are equipped with the necessary skills to achieve whatever it is you desire or need to achieve, as long as you set your mind to doing so. It can often help to compile a plan of action and stick to it.

Wheel of Fortune – This card indicates that there are some very big changes about to happen in your life, whether on a personal level or involving work and those changes can and will have a long term effect on your life.

To ensure you take full advantage of those changes please ensure that you think long and hard about new opportunities that are guaranteed to arise out of those changes, and be aware that you are going to be meeting lots of new people soon too, which will call for you to use your social interaction skills too.

Justice – You should never jump to conclusions, which is something you may actually tend to do, if you are dealt to the Justice card, for often it is the case that what may appear to have happened in any situation or incident is actually not what happened at all.

Listen and observe closely is the best advice I can pass onto you if you do find yourself in any unusual situations in the very near future, as by doing so you will then discover the truth about those incidents and situations,, which by the way may not be as clear cut as they first appeared. So keep your wits about you as you move forward and never become blinkered or set in your ways.

The Hanged Man – There are going to be times when you may act out of character of that the decisions you have made are incorrect. This card indicates that at all times you are to accept the consequences of both your actions and decisions and be prepared to change in future if needed.

Not everybody is going to be able to be master of their destiny in regards to their work or study life, and sometimes you should be prepared to accept that you are not in charge, and as soon as you do so then you will find things much easier.

Death –You may be filled with fear and dread if the Death card has been dealt out, however what it indicates is that you are going to have to move on from the past and put any unfortunate situations or things that you have experienced in the back of your mind and move forward.

Being set in your ways is something that many people can find themselves doing, but please do be prepared to forget about the past as by doing so you are going to find you can move forward. Try and bring a conclusion to anything negative in your life that has been worrying you or has been playing on your mind.

Temperance – Taking a step back and looking at all of your options is something you really should consider doing when you have been dealt out the Temperance card, as by doing so and exploring all of your options in full then things will start to pan out in front of you.

Something or someone important may be missing from your life, and if so when you identify what or who that is and then aim to draw it or them into your life you will find you get a much greater feeling of achievement and harmony too.

The Devil – There is no better way to describe what you are required to do when you are dealt out the Devil card, other than to say that you need to let your inhibitions go and let your hair down somewhat and start to enjoy the things that you have been craving for some considerable amount of time.

By doing so you will find you get something of an inner strength and will always then become the belle of the ball or the social climber that you have secretly been itching to become.

The Tower – The Tower card indicates that you have the necessary power and skills at being the one person who can demand and make changes in anything you do, which is a skill you should harness and put to good use at all times.

You can often find you have a clear direction in regards to what you want to achieve, and if you are prepared to dig deep and speak out you will be able to achieve any goal that you may have set yourself and often very easily too.

The Star – Having been dealt out the Star card that is going to be an indication that you are the type of person who is often the calmest one in any situation, and is someone who is known for being someone anybody can talk to.

You do posses some unique qualities one of which is being able to rely on your spiritual beliefs and abilities which can and do always ensure you give out good advice and can rely on and act on your gut feeling.

The Moon – Many people are always able to go with the flow and handle any situation that life throws at them, and that is something that the Moon card does indicate.

You may often find that you enjoy being on your own, however always keep in mind that people are going to warm to you when you are being yourself, so never lock yourself away or avoid social settings and social experiences as you will enjoy them, and those around you will enjoy your company too.

The Sun – Putting on a brave face when things get tough is often what many people will tend to do but that can lead to those people becoming sad or depressed inside.

As someone who has been dealt of the Sun card you should be prepared to wear your heart on your sleeve and show your true feeling about any circumstance or situation you find yourself in, face and let your true feelings flow to the surface.

Judgment – You are going to have to make some subtle and not so subtle changes if you have been dealt out the Judgement card, for it is the past that could be holding you back.

Throw yourself completely into any new hobbies, social circles or work environment that is on offer to you as by doing so you will find you start enjoying yourself more by letting go of the things that have been holding you back for far too long.

The World – Many people feel that need to get permission from someone else to make changes in their lifestyle, work environment or social surroundings, however it is often possible to change things that you have been longing to change yourself.

The World card is one that gives you permission to make those changes, no matter how scared or worried you may be about doing so. By making the changes you have been craving for any amount of time, you will find you become a new person and one who loves themselves more.

Minor Arcana Cards


The next Tarot Cards I am going to be showcasing to you are known as the Wands.  Read on for a full listing of each of the Wands and a description as to the meaning of each card.

Ace of Wands – They do say that he who hesitates is lost, and when the Ace of Wands is dealt out it indicates that an opportunity is on the horizon. That opportunity may offer some excellent prospects ahead for you, so be prepared to act and act quickly on that opportunity!

Two of Wands – Never be in too much of a rush to make decisions is what the Two of Wands card indicates, for you need to take a step back and look at the options available to you or you may regret the decisions you make on the hoof, if you do not give them great thought.

Three of Wands – The Three of Wands is a card that you should take seriously, for it is a card that is telling you that you need to make a move and do whatever has been playing on your mind, and do things that you have been putting off doing and do them quickly too.

Four of Wands – Letting others know what you feel or how you think things need moving forward is what the Four of Wands is advising you to do, so be prepared to speak out and let your views, opinions and ideas be known to others.

Five of Wands – A plan of attack if what you need to put into place when dealt out the Five of Wands card, so sit down plan what you would like to achieve and then set yourself some goals that will enable to you to seamlessly achieve those goals.

Six of Wands – Be brave and courageous in your decisions is what the Six of Wands is telling you to do, and you need to stand your ground and ensure that you have the courage of your convictions to achieve your aims and goals without any distractions.

Seven of Wands – Deep down many people are very competitive, however there can be times when you are not prepared to show your competitive nature and may just tend to go with the flow. This card when dealt out to you is informing you the time is right to become competitive.

Eight of Wands – You will have recently, or in the not-too-distant past, achieved some personal goals or successes in your life when the Eight of Wands makes an appearance, and you should be prepared to use those successes as the base to continue to be successful in your private life or when at work or when studying.

Nine of Wands – Having your own personal space and somewhere that you can rest, recuperate and reflect on your life and the things you wish to achieve going forward is important. The Nine of Wands indicates that you should always set aside some time to be in that space, to allow you to find your inner peace.

Ten of Wands – The Ten of Wands card is letting you know that you should try and regain the energy you had in your youth, and not become set in your ways. So when that card has been dealt out to you then you should always be prepared to find the energy and ambition you did display when younger.

Page of Wands – Being able to get all of the information you require for the tasks at hand is important and the Page of Wands card indicates that you do need to ensure you have all of the facts and figures in front of you to allow you to make the best decisions and choices in life going forward.

Knight of Wands – There are too many distractions in life these days, however make sure that if you are dealt out the Knight of Wands card that you take that as an indication that you should stay focussed in everything you do as by doing so you will then make the best decisions that need to be made.

Queen of Wands – There are always going to be leaders in life, those that hold a position of power possibly in your workplace or even in your household. Take the Queen of Wands card as an indication that you should respect other people’s positions and listen to their advice when offered.

King of Wands – You have a clear route ahead is what the King of Wands card is telling you, so now is going to be the time to act in regards to any new jobs, tasks, hobbies or even relationships you are contemplating.


I’d now like to introduce you to each of the different Cups that could be dealt out.

Ace of Cups – Never judge a book by its cover, for most people you can and will meet could make a huge difference in your life or help you make some important decisions, and that is what this card is reminding you of.

Two of Cups – Being able to reach out to people and show you care is a quality you do posses and the Two of Clubs is letting you know to show your compassionate side as others will benefit from you doing so.

Three of Cups – Having the support of your family and friends is something you should never underestimate, and the Three of Cups is directing you to seek the help and support of those friends and family members to give you the support you need.

Four of Cups – You are possibly feeling that you are going around in circles and not moving forward, and that is something that you should immediately change when the Four of Cups is dealt out to you as by changing your views and direction you can quickly move forward to a much nicer place.

Five of Cups – There are always going to be times when you need to make cutbacks and tighten your belt so to speak, and that is something you should take note of and act on if and when the Five of Cups is one of the Tarot cards that has been dealt out to you.

Six of Cups – You can only move forward when you let go of the past, and the Six of Cups card is advising you that you need to address anything in your past that may be holding you back or draining your energy in regards to being able to move forward.

Seven of Cups – Life can often feel way too serious at times, and the Seven of Cups card is one that is letting you know that it’s OK to take things a little less seriously and possibly sit back and daydream from time to time, as you may find by doing so you get some inspirational ideas which you should act on!

Eight of Cups – Feeling down or even depressed is something that can affect anybody at any time, and the Eight of Cups is letting you know that you should avoid succumbing to negative thoughts and stay focussed and have a positive outlook on life.

Nine of Cups – The answers to any questions you may be looking for are often staring you in the face, and the Nine of Cups is a card that is telling you to not spend too much time trying to find any answers you are looking for as they can quickly be found when you clear your mind and look much closer to home for them.

Ten of Cups – Teamwork is what the Tens of Cups card is all about and as such whenever it has been dealt out to you then that is a very good indication that you should engage others in whatever it is you are looking to achieve or simply seek out new friends to expand your social circle.

Page of Cups – Never hide away, ignore emails or phone calls is what the Page of Cups is advising you, for by always staying in contact with everyone you know you will never feel left out, which is something you may often find yourself feeling by ingoing or avoiding other people.

Knight of Cups – A time for change is what the Knight of Cups indicates, and irrespective of whether you are wary or even afraid of making those changes you are going to be best advised to do so, for they do say that a change is as good as a rest!

Queen of Cups – Being a shoulder to cry on and giving out sound and practical advice to others is what you should always be prepared to do, much more so when the Queen of Cups card has been dealt out to you, others are going to benefit greatly from your experience and your words of wisdom when you do so.

King of Cups – You possess great strengths and abilities is what the Kings of Cups card indicates, and you should at all times be prepared to help those in need, even if you feel no great benefit will be achieved by doing so, as the opposite will actually be the case.


The next set of Minor Arcana Tarot cards that I’ll discuss is the Swords. As done with the other abovementioned cards that could be dealt out, here is an explanation and meaning of each of the Swords.

Ace of Swords – Being misled by others is what the Ace of Swords is warning you about, and when this is a card dealt out and chosen by you then you need to act on that advice and ensure the decisions you make are ones that you have made and have spent time considering and pondering over.

Two of Swords – Never be quick to react and take a course of action that is not the right one when you are faced with any difficult situations. The Two of Swords is reminding you that by taking a step back and thinking about what to do in any situation is always going to be the best course of action to take.

Three of Swords – Often the hardest thing to do is to change what you have been doing and start again from scratch. However, often that is the best thing you can do and the Three of Swords is advising you to be prepared to do just that when it has been dealt out to you.

Four of Swords – You can often make the mistake of listening to others and following their advice when your heart and mind is telling you to do the direct opposite. That is something you need to be aware of when the Four of Swords card is displayed, so whilst listening to others is something you may do, always make your own decisions.

Five of Swords – Helping others and drawing on your own personal experiences can often allow them to become better people or help them handle a situation they may have found themselves in. That is something that you are going to be required to do when the Five of Swords card has been dealt out to you.

Six of Swords – Always being there to offer help and support the very minute it is required is what you show great strength in doing, and the Six of Swords is an indication that there are going to be many times ahead when other people will need you to give them advice and guide them in times of great need.

Seven of Swords – Setting yourself goals is what the Seven of Swords is telling you to do, but always ensure that those goals are not too hard to achieve. By knowing the way ahead and having a well-thought-out plan of action you really can achieve most things that you set your mind to.

Eight of Swords – There will be some, if not many times ahead when you are going to have to rise to the occasion and be the person everybody else looks to for strength and support, and the Eight of Swords is letting you know that you should always be prepared to do just that, as others will need the guidance and support that you can and will supply them with.

Nine of Swords – No one likes failure or wasting their time on things that are never going to bear fruit. That is something that the Nine of Swords is warning you about, and you will need to find out just what it is that you are wasting your time on and finally be prepared to drop it and move on.

Ten of Swords – Personal disasters, the loss of a friend or even the breakdown of a relationship is being warned about when the Ten of Swords card makes an appearance, however it is time to protect yourself from anything that could happen that risks your health and well being, so be prepared to put up some boundaries or drop anything or anyone that is likely to lead to such a situation.

Page of Swords – You are probably the type of person who is always prepared to help others, and whilst you may get a buzz out of doing so the Page of Swords card is letting you know that sometimes it is best to help people without them knowing you have helped them and not stand in the limelight in regards to other people knowing that you have helped someone else!

Knight of Swords – Getting your viewpoint across can often be difficult for some people, and the Knight of Swords card is advising you to learn how to get your opinions, ideas and viewpoint across to other people in a very easy-to-understand fashion, as you will benefit from doing so time and time again.

Queen of Swords – You need to be independent and make your own choices and decisions in life when you have been dealt out the Queen of Swords card. That means either ignoring the advice of others or dropping certain friends who are often going to lead you astray.

King of Swords – They do say that some people are much wiser than their age, and that is something that you are, irrespective of your current age when you do have to make any important decisions then you should listen to your inner self, as by doing so you will find the answers you are looking for, and that is what the King of Swords card is reminding you of.


The final set of cards that you will find in the Rider-Waite deck of Tarot Cards are the Coins, and below you’ll discover just what each of those cards means, along with any advice or warnings that they are giving you when they have been dealt out to you. Note that this suit is sometimes referred to as the Suit of Pentacles.

Ace of Coins – It is important that you take things nice and slow when you have been dealt out the Ace of Coins, for if you rush into things then you may find you regret the decisions you have made. So always plan in great detail how you are going to move forward and have a checklist of wants and demands as you do so, to allow you to achieve your expectations and goals in life.

Two of Coins – Whilst many people are prepared to offer you their own advice or options on situations you may find yourself in, the best person to be able to accurately decide what to do is you. That is what the Two of Coins card is going to be warning you of when it has been dealt out or chosen by you.

Three of Coins – Showcasing your own personal qualities is what you should do right now if you are dealt out the Three of Coins card, for you do possess personal quantities that are in demand and you need to ensure that everyone knows that you are available and are a hard worker too.

Four of Coins – Taking reasonability or helping others in time of need is something you are always able to achieve and do and that is something that you are going to have to do soon when the Four of Coins card has been dealt out to you. Whilst sometimes you may feel that your actions may seem small and insignificant you will be helping many people by stepping forward.

Five of Coins – Never think that you are on your own, for what you are going to find when the Five of Coins card is dealt out is that there are going to be many other people who are prepared to help you with whatever it is you have planned or are worrying about. So with that in mind always be prepared to ask others for help is what that Tart card is reminding you of.

Six of Coins – Whilst sometimes you may feel you do not have the energy to help or advise others that is one of your greatest strengths and qualities. The Six of Coins card is reminding you of the fact that you should always be prepared to assist others as there will be benefits of doing so, which may not become apparent at the time.

Seven of Coins – Being prepared to look at your long-term aims and goals and spending as much time as you require achieving them is what the Seven of Coins card is all about. So if you are thinking of changing some things, making some investments or even starting a project then look at the long-term gains and do not become too obsessed with any short-term gains.

Eight of Coins – Paying very careful attention to even the smallest of detail is something you probably know you always tend to do. The Eight of Coins is therefore reminding you of the fact that you should continue to nitpick so to speak, as perfection in what you do is always going to be noticed and appreciated by those around you.

Nine of Coins – There is no shame in wanting the best out of life and the best things in life too. The Nine of Coins card is going to be advising you to always stick to your own personal preferences in life, and even if that means saving up or spending more time working hard to acquire anything you want or need then so be it.

Ten of Coins – At times you may feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders as many people will often turn to you in times of need for your help and support. The Ten of Coins is giving you something of a pat on the back when that Tarot card has been dealt out to you and letting you know that you should continue to be there for others when they are in need or simply want your words of wisdom.

Page of Coins – You can and will often find yourself in situations that are completely alien to you, however what the Page of Coins is alerting you to is that even though you may be a complete novice or very inexperienced in certain situations or when starting a new project, that inexperience and naivety will often come in very handy, as you can look at things from a completely different angle and viewpoint.

Knight of Coins – Never let yourself sit on the sidelines or avoid going to any social occasions, for you do possess a lot of qualities that will come to the forefront when you are with other people, and that could be socialising or when taking part in a sport or working on a project. That is what you should always keep in mind and act on when the Knight of Coins is dealt out to you.

Queen of Coins – Being completely open and someone who is renowned for their honesty is what the Queen of Coins is advising you that you should always be. Even if as the saying goes, the truth hurts, you should always stick to your core values of being perfectly honest with everyone you meet, even if at the time you feel no good will come of being so!

King of Coins – You should be like a shining beacon of hope and wisdom and someone that oozes confidence and is always someone others can rely on. The King of Coins card is bringing to your attention that by being so you will always have an air of confidence and will be someone that others do look up to and respect.

Further information on Tarot

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