Survivor Betting

survivor logoCan you be the last one remaining when the sportsbooks pay out on the winner of the show? Hopefully our Survivor betting guide will help you to do so!

Survivior is an American version of the Survivor reality television game shows, derived from the Swedish television series ’Expedition Robinson’ created in 1997 by Charlie Parsons. The series has been running on CBS since 2000.

Tips for Betting on Survivor

Gaining an early advantage on Survivor betting can be done through looking at patterns of voting. Though each show is unique and is set on a different location with different production decisions taken, certain patterns tend to emerge.

For instance, females have dominated in recent years, with four of the last six winners all being female and in the last series the top five were all in fact female.

The ideal candidate portfolio also needs to take it into account age, not since series 17 when Robert ’Bob Crowley’ won has the winner been over 35, the show in recent years has been dominated by younger competitiors.

Once you have this built in profile of the ideal contestant you can then test them against the people on the show. You need someone who is popular amongst their own team, not afraid to take on a challenge and someone the viewers at home can relate to.

The format of the show sees a group of strangers marooned in a desolate locale, where they must provide, food, water fire and shelter for themselves.  They are also forced to compete in a series of challenges to earn either a reward or an imunity from expulsion from the next round of elimination votes.

Challenges consist of endurance, strength, agility, problem solving, teamwork, dexterity and/or willpower, and are usually designed to fit the theme of the current season. A common style of challenge is an obstacle race to collect puzzle pieces which then must be assembled.

Look out therefore for a contestant who seems to have multitude of skills.  You also need to find a contestant who seems to be a team player so as not to be voted off by teammates, but individual enough to stand out.

As with other reality shows held over a period of time, do not be afraid of a contestant who starts the show a little quieter.  The lengthy format and reduction of members will allow a seemingly quiet, but solid and well respected personality to emerge over the weeks.

In terms of personality loners tend to do badly in this kind of show due to the fact that the vote is down to that of team members.  This is one of the rare occasions when the public can not vote for the winner, so while it is important to take into account the public view, remember these people are isolated on an island and have no idea how their views are being received back home.  A show which is decided upon by fellow contestants and not judges or the viewing public is one of the trickier reality tv betting options.

The last two or three survivors face a jury composed of the last seven, eight, or nine players voted off. That jury interrogates the final few and then votes for the winner of the game, handing them the title of Sole Survivor and a million dollar prize..

If you followed our advice hopefully you won’t be feeling marooned by the sportsbooks.