Super Fun 21 Blackjack

Today is the day that I am going to introduce you to the game of Super Fun 21, it is one of a huge array of different Blackjack game variants that you can play online, and it is a game I think you will enjoy playing too.

What makes this game different from most others is that by playing it, you can receive a few bonus winning payouts depending on what cards you have been dealt out, however those bonus payouts require no side bet and they do not apply when you double down on any hand!

But first let me give you a run through of the playing rules of Super Fun 21, firstly it is a game on which there is just one single deck of 52 playing cards in the deck, and the game is played with a Dealers Hole Card.

The Dealer is going to hit any soft 17 or lower valued hand, but a winning players Blackjack pays even money, but it will always beat a Dealers Blackjack hand.

Double down is available on any number or cards, player can double down after splitting and double down rescue is available and on offer on this game. Aces and be split and re-split and players can also both double down and draw on any split Ace cards too.

Insurance is available, however the high house edge of that optional bet, even though it pays out at odds of 2 to 1 is so high that it is a bet you should never be tempted to place!

The bonus payouts are probably what you are most interested in finding out more about, and as such let me now give you an insight into what those bonus payouts are.

If a player is dealt out a Blackjack but it is in the hand of Diamonds then instead of the even more payout they will receive a payout of 2 to 1 instead.

Any players hand that has six of more cards in it that have a value of 20 or less will also be deemed to be winning hands.

However, if a player gets 5 or more cards dealt out to their hand and those cards have a total value of 21 then a payout of 2 to 1 of their stake is instantly paid out to them.

Whilst you are of course going to find plenty of different Blackjack games available to you online, do keep in mind that not all of the variant offering bonus bets do so without the need to place a side bet, and as such this may be a game you do fancy playing online.

If you choose to play this game at a Microgaming software powered casino game, then the game play rules and the payouts result in this game having a house edge of 0.94%, which sadly is one of the highest house edge games that Microgaming have designed and launched, so keep that in mind!