Strictly Come Dancing Betting

Get on your dancing shoes as we give you the guide Strictly Come Dancing betting.

What is ‘Strictly’?

For those of you that made it here by mistake, perhaps the most family friendly show since Lassie is Strictly Come Dancing (sometimes shortened to Strictly or SCD) which is a British television show featuring celebrities with professional dance partners competing in Ballroom or Latin dances.

How Does ‘Strictly’ Betting Work?

The first time the sportsbooks tend to release the odds are when the contestants names are released.  Early mistakes in the market can be made, so keep a careful eye on the prices.

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Five of the nine previous winners have been male, four of them female.  This shows that viewers of Strictly are not driven to bias by gender, age seems to play little part either.  One factor that is noticeable is that not one of the nine series’ has seen an all male or all female top three. This could be because of the luck of the draw or possibly as a result of direction of the voting from the judges. This could lead to some each-way betting value.

Another thing to bear in mind is that certain types of stars will perform better in the competition than others.  Sport stars tend to do well due to the footwork and co-ordination required, although bigger athletes such as heavyweight boxers tend to struggle.  Singers tend to do well, especially those coming from groups that had a dance element to their performance, though again look for height problems, Michelle Williams of Destiny’s child was an early favourite but struggled with height.

Actors tend to be good value in the betting, they have the required determination to work hard and often convince in playing that character needed in the dances.

The next stage to consider is the first live show where the contestants are paired with their professional dancers.  Remember in Strictly it is about two not just one.  Certain professional dancers have their own support basis and can take supposed weaker acts further than other ones.  New dancers tend to struggle with public support, unless they are quite young and attractive.

It is in the first performance shows that we get our first real idea of how they could perform in public.  You can see who are the dancers and who lacks natural rhythm, though one word of caution, look for the difference between Latin and Ballroom dancers. As a general rule, Latin dances tend to score lower and male contestants tend to struggle most with these.

Look also for improvement, if an act starts out too highly the judges become a lot more critical of them than the other dancers.  The viewing public as well loves to see an act on a journey.

The scoring sees four judges marking the contestants out of ten to give a total score out of 40.  This is then combined with the result of a public phone vote where viewers vote for whom they would like to stay.

The format allows an act popular with the public and not the judges to survive for a number of weeks, but not go on and win it.  Look for this in the next elimination betting markets, it tends to be the dullest acts in trouble, those who do not get high enough judges marks, but are not bad enough to entertain the public.

Hopefully you will score perfect marks thanks to our betting guide.