Staying in Control When Gambling Online

Now then, there has been a lot of negative press over in the UK recently regarding FOBT’s. Those are a type of gaming machine that are found in betting shops across Great Britain on which players can gamble up to 100.00 every 20 seconds or so.

The UK Gambling Commission recently put forth a proposal, after a long consultation period with betting shop operators, gambling problems related charities and even players of those machines, on which it was suggested that the maximum stake per game played off should be lowered.

We are currently awaiting the response of the UK Government as to whether they will or will not be lowing the maximum stakes on those machines.

However, nothing yet has been mentioned about imposing maximum stakes on games that can be accessed via an online casino, and what is a worry regarding problem gamblers is that they are given the opportunity of playing or some much higher stakes and can easily drain their bank accounts when gambling online.

Therefore, if you are about to start gambling online for the very first time, and as a responsible  gambling information related website operator, I want to pass onto you a range of different ways that you can choose to make use of that will always allow you to stay in full control, as soon as you do start to play at any online or for that matter mobile casino site.

One of the advantages of choosing to play at a casino site that is licensed by one of the more respected gambling commissions or gaming authorities, is that all of them have now chosen to adopt a policy which states that players at sites licensed by them can make use of a set of gambling limit option settings.

It is important that you do consider making use of those optional gambling limit option settings, for by doing so you will then be able to set your own personal limits for all online or mobile gambling sessions you have.

You will be given the option of setting the amount of time you want to gamble for in advance, and as soon as the time is reached you will not be able to gamble any more for a set period at that casino site.

Another option setting will allow you to set just how much you are prepared to deposit and lose at any casino site you choose to play at. So, if you think you are going to be tempted to chase your losses at such a site, then make sure you set yourself a limit regarding your deposits and just how much you are prepared to lose too.

I would also strongly advise you to open a bank account, web wallet account or even make use or prepaid vouchers or debit cards, as that way you can transfer your gambling budget over to one of those accounts and be in control of when and how much you do deposit into any online or mobile gambling site.