So Many Roulette Variants but Which one is best?

Gone are the days when you would only find a couple of different Roulette games on offer to you when you log into an online casino. As such, if Roulette is a game you love playing then you will find that you have quite a choice in regards to just which variants you can play.

However, having said that you do need to be aware of the differences in regards to just how each of those variants is structured and the payouts and betting opportunities available to you.

It may surprise you to learn that some of the more classical Roulette games are going to be the very best ones to play, and one that should be high up on your list of games to play if you place minimum risk bets, those being the even money paying ones is the French Roulette game.

There are two different variants of French Roulette, but both of them will have a special in-built rule that will come into effect whenever a zero is spun in, and for reference there is only one zero on the French Roulette wheel.

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When placing any even money paying bet on that variant when the zero is spun in you will then get either half of your losing even money playing bets back or they will stay on the betting layout for the next spin, until a zero doesn’t spin in.

That simple but interesting rule means that all even money paying bets come with a house edge of just 1.35%. All of the other bets you can place on not only that variant but also the European variant come with a house edge of 2.70%.

You will find the American Roulette game is another commonly available game and when playing that variant on which there are two zeros on the wheel and betting layout the house edge is much higher working out a 5.26%, and as such that is one game you should at all costs avoid playing!

Bonus side betting opportunities are also available on some of the newer Roulette games, and you may also come across variants offering progressive jackpots that force you to have to place a side bet wager to trigger a set of bonus payouts or to win the progressive jackpot to jackpots when a certain sequence of numbers are spun in.

However, the house edge on those optional or obligatory side bet wagers are often very high and even those you do have the chance of winning big you will find your bankroll does get eaten away quickly when playing those variants, unless you have a good run of luck.

There are also some variants on which you will find several balls in play on the wheel, however when playing for example three ball Roulette you are forced to have to place three separate bets on each betting positions you bet on, and as such whilst those games may come with a low house edge you will either win or lose three times as fast as you normally do!