Slots That Award Their Bonus Games Most Often

lucky shot slotThe bonus game attached and on offer to you on any video slot you do play online can take an absolute age to trigger. Whilst there will be an average number of base game spins that you can play off before a bonus game will be awarded to you, there are no guarantees that a bonus game will trigger over any length of time!

Whilst some players will opt to play the range of slot games available from Real Time Gaming that have a Feature Guarantee meaning that the bonus games will trigger if you do not get the scatter or bonus symbols spinning in within a set number of base game spins, many players much prefer playing slots from other software and casino game designers.

With that in mind below we have put together a listing of some of the most popular online slots from Microgaming, and alongside each of them you will find out, based on the length of each reel and the number of bonus game awarding reel symbols on each reel, the average number of spins it usually takes to trigger the bonus games.

As mentioned above however these are average figures and stats, and as such the actual number of base game spins you could end up playing off will vary, however over the long time you should see the bonus games triggering in line with the following bonus game trigger rates and values. The slots listed below are the ones that do award their respective bonus games on average the most.

Big Kahuna Slot – There are two different pick and win bonus games that can be trigged when playing the Big Kahuna slot game, the best way to play that slot is with all of its paylines activated as by doing so you will find on takes on average 72 spins before the Mask pick and win bonus game is triggered and 96 base game spins before the Volcano pick and win bonus game triggers.

Loaded Slot – Due to the number of scatter symbols on the reels of the Loaded slot and also the length of each of the reel strips when you play this slot game online at a Microgaming powered casino site you will on average need to play off 109 base game spins before its free spins bonus game is then awarded to you.

Moonshine Slot – A two stage bonus game is triggered when three or more scatter symbols spin in on the Moonshine slot. The first stage is a picking one on which free spins and multiplier values can be revealed, and once you play off that bonus picking game you then play off your free spins. This is an ideal slot to play if you like such bonus games for on average it takes just 88 base game spins before the bonus game is triggered!

Halloweenies – Probably the one slot game you should be playing if you like regularly awarded bonus games is the Halloweenies slot from Microgaming, for its free spins bonus game is on average going to take just 76 base game spins to play and its pick to win styled bonus game takes on average just 84 spins to trigger!