Slot Players Becoming RTP Savvy

The one thing that any slot player does need to get used to is having slot sessions when their bankroll gets eaten away very quickly. To be honest even a low variance type of slot can and sometimes will gobble up your bankroll so quickly you will be left with a feeling of deflation!

However, whilst playing in a brick and mortar casino is going to give you lots of opportunities to play a wide range of different slots, the payout percentages or RTP’s of their slot machines is often a closely guarded secret.

As such you are never going to know in advance just which slots are set to return more of your stakes as winning payouts over the long term. Most players however do quickly get a feel for how their favourite slots are playing and paying and can develop a sixth sense in regards to determining if such slots have been set with higher RTP’s or not!

When and if you do switch over to playing online slot games however, what you are going to find is that many casinos are now required by law to list, in full, every single slot game they have on offer somewhere on their website and also alongside each slot games name will be its expected long term payout percentage too.

It is the licensing authority or gambling commission that each casino has been granted a gambling license by that dictates whether a casino site must list all of their slot game RTP’s, and as such as a player you should stick to playing at casinos that do offer that information to players!

By looking up each slot game on that list you will then get an instant overview of the way it has been designed, and any savvy slot player is also going to strike off their list of slot games to play any slots offering a lower than average payout percentage.

If you are blissfully unaware of just what is an average or below average payout percentage, experience has taught me that you will get more winning payouts and possibly more regularly triggering bonus games too when playing slots that have been designed with a payout percentage of at least 96%.

Obviously the higher the payout percentage the more paybacks you will receive, but do keep in mind that is based on your long term play, and not any short term single slot playing sessions you have.

Try and keep a note of just how well or bad you are doing when playing range of different slots online, for that way you will get  good idea as to whether you are achieving anywhere near the expected  RTP on any slot games you do always tend to play.

Just be aware that as each slot is random you are going to get a different type of gaming session no matter which slots you play, but you will, over the long term, get more winning payouts when you do stick to playing higher RTP slots for sure!