Slot Games That Offer the Most Entertainment Value

No slot player wants to see their bankroll getting eaten up quickly and they get no entertainment value from it! As such today I am going to be taking a look at which slot games are going to give you the most fun and entertainment.

Obviously one of the most important factors to keep in mind to ensure you do get a fair amount of play time it to set the stake levels you play for in line with your bankroll.

As such try and aim to get around 100 to 200 spins out of you bankroll, by dividing up your bankroll into a unit stake that will allow you to do so.

Low variance slot games are ones that have been designed in such a way that a player is going to spin in a large number of fairly low valued winning combinations, and as such you will often find when playing such slots for modest stake amounts your bankroll will last longer.

I would however suggest you try and play a low variance slot that has one or to built in bonus features or a couple of bonus games, as you will find them much more entertaining to play than for example a three reel slots with no bonus games or bonus features!

However, if you are not from the UK then there is one category of slot game that you may never have seen or come across before, and those are a range of slot machines collectively known as fruit machines.

Typically a fruit machine is going to be designed in such a way that they have just three reels and one single pay line, but what makes them much different to all other casino styled slots is that they have been designed to offer players the maximum of entertainment value.

The way in which they do so is by offering a huge number of base game features and they have also been designed to award a plethora of different bonus games too.

As such, there is no doubt in my mind if you are seeking out the very best slot games to play, but want to have fun and enjoyment when doing so that by playing the fruit machines you will always get the maximum bang for your buck.

I should however point out that not all casino sites have fruit machines available, so you may have to spend a little bit of time looking of a casino that does have them on offer.

One additional thing you will appreciate about playing fruit machines is that the stake levels do go down to some very low amounts, in fact you will rarely ever find a fruit machine that comes with very high staking options.

I would advise that you play fruit machines initially for free as that way you will be able to experience firsthand how the bonus games and bonus features are triggered and then play off but in a no rick type of way!