Slot Game Auto Play Changes

auto play mode slotIf you are a slot player who is based in the UK then you may be experiencing a few problems currently locating some of your favourite slot games online at various different online casino sites. This is due to some recent changes in regards to UK laws and regulations surrounding how online slot games are permitted to operate when being played by players based in the United Kingdom!

Currently we are aware that some slot game designers are updating their entire suite of online slot games to ensure they comply fully with the UK Gambling Commissions’ requirements, and the one legal requirement that is currently affecting many slot games is in regards to the auto play option setting.

You will probably be aware that many online and also mobile slot games will come with an auto play option setting, and as such when you make use of that option setting you are going to be able to configure it in such a way that the slot will play off a certain number of spins for you automatically.

Players are permitted to pick how many paylines they wish to have in play on any slot game when using an auto play setting, they are also allowed to configure the number of coins they play on each activated payline and can also adjust the coin values and additionally the number of spins they wish to have played off automatically.

25 Spins at a Time

However, it has been decided by the UK Gambling Commission that UK based players who are logged into any online or mobile casino site that they have licensed and they currently regulate that those players will only be able to configure the auto play option to play off a maximum of 25 spins at a time.

This has led to many game suppliers and gaming platform suppliers having to remove their range of games from many casino sites, namely the ones which offer an instant play gaming platforms whilst they revamp and update their slot games to allow for those legal requirements in regards to the auto play feature to be installed on those slot machines.

Therefore you are going to find that some slot game you can now play remotely from anywhere in the UK will either have their auto play option switched off and unavailable, or you will find those games are unavailable until they have been reconfigured so as to allow UK based players to only be able to play off 25 spins at a time when using the auto play option.

One final thing to note is that the new legal requirement does not only affect slot games and fruit machines, but any casino game which does offer an auto play option also has to be configured and designed in such a way that any player accessing those games from Great Britain are not able to play off more than 25 games on those casino games automatically via the auto play setting, so keep that in mind!