Skill Based Slots Coming Soon

skill based slotsThere has never been any real skill involved in playing online slot games, in fact it is always down to luck alone as to whether the next slot playing session you have is going to be a winning or losing one.

However, that is about to change thanks to some recent legalisation passed in Nevada. A new generation of slot games are about to hit the gaming floors of many land based casinos in and around Las Vegas which will then lead to a similar thing happening in the online and mobile gaming environment.

That new legalisation paves the way for a series of slot games to go live on which there will be some form of true skill bonus game or base game feature. It will therefore be your skill and abilities of playing off those bonuses games and bonus game features that will ultimately determine just how much you stand to win.

One slot game designer who has produced one such slot is Scientific Games who supply land based casino slots and also online and mobile slots to lots of different companies involved in all three gaming environments.

Their first slot which does offer a true skill based bonus round is their Space Invaders slot on which you will get to shoot down spaceships much like on the namesake video game once the bonus game has been triggered. These types of slot games have been designed to appeal to much younger slot players who enjoy playing video games at home.

What Types of Skill Based Slots Will Be Available?

As many of these new skill based bonus game awarding slots are still in development, there is no way the slot game designers who are putting them together are going to reveal just what type of skill based bonus games will be found attached to them.

However, we can of course make a few guesses to the types of bonus games they will be, and it will not be too much of a surprise if many of those slots offering feature rounds on which you will be playing off some type of game that is based and even completely themed around a video game as is the case on the Space Invaders slot.

Pac-Man was of course another huge hit with video game players as was Super Mario Brothers, and as such those are two of the most likely skill based bonus games we expect to see added to any newly launched slot games in the very near future.

However, you could see a skill stop type bonus game being offered also, and those types of bonus games have been found on many UK based Fruit Machines in the past. How they work is quite straight forward, a series of lights will flash on the bonus game screen and each light will be associated with a cash payout.

You will then be required to use your skill to click onto the stop button at the same time as one of the higher valued winning payouts has been lit up to then win that prize.