Sit ‘n’ Go Strategy

Sit n Go tournaments or SNGs have been a very popular form of poker ever since online poker took off. For a fixed price they offer players up to an hour of poker entertainment. This allows recreational and professional players alike to control exactly how much money they are risking and how much time they are setting aside to play.

SNG Strategy todayBack at the start of the poker boom, it was not impossible to find SNGs where you could easily fold your way to third place money; such was the loose crazy nature of the competition. Sadly these days are gone and you will have to do a little more than just fold everything but the nuts to make the money. The games have become somewhat tighter and much more aggressive but despite this, SNGs still draw a large pool of recreational players and remain beatable for a decent ROI.

The best and most popular SNG strategy has moved on considerably since the explosion of online poker. Not playing badly is no longer enough as the average ability has risen. Winning play now depends on understanding concepts such re-stealing and ICM and extends to topics such as whether to play SNGs continuously or in sets.

The variety of games on offer has also greatly increased in the last few years and there are now variations to suit many different moods and playing styles. Several speeds and sizes are now available from super turbo SNGs which play extremely short and fast, regular speed 9 and 10 man SNGs that will be familiar to most players all the way up to deep stacked multi table SNGs which mirror the structure of MTTs.

The size, speed, blind structure and payout structure all affect the correct strategy for beating each SNG variation. To read more about the specific strategy adjustments needed check out the SNG Strategy articles found in this section.