Bar 7 Slot Review

Bar 7 Overview

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Bar 7 Features

  • Fruit Theme
  • Low Staking Options
  • Power Meter RTP

Bar 7 Basics

  • Game Type : Video Slot
  • Software : Simbat
  • Paylines : 1
  • Jackpot : 200 Coins
  • Progressive : No

Bar 7 Free Play (Desktop Only)

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Detailed Bar 7 Review

You will either get to love playing Simbat designed fruit machines or find that you get quite confused playing them! For unlike casino slot games there are a few main differences in regards to how they do design their range of fun to play and fast action fruit machines.

Take for example their Bar 7 slot game, when you choose to play this slot you will start off by playing a single line three reel slot and as such you will find that with just one pay line to put a stake on it will be a very inexpensive slot to play, as long a you keep the coin values low in value of course!

However, it is at the moment in time when you have successfully spun in any value of winning combination via the pay line on the first set of three reels that you are going to be given the option of taking a unique type of gamble game! That gamble game will see you risking those winnings on another three reel slot but one that has five pay lines on offer at opposed to just one of them!

Bonus Games, Bonus Features and Special Reel Symbols

You will simply need to click onto the start or spin button to send the reels on the bottom fruit machine screen into play and by doing so you will then be eligible to win any of the winning payouts listed and displayed around that set of reels.

When you do spin in a winning combination you are able to collect them and continue playing the base game or if you fancy chancing your arm and winning some much higher valued winning payouts then you will simply need to click onto the gamble button and by doing so you then move to the top set of reels.

You will need to select either the Stars or Sevens button when that top set of reels comes into play and then choose an amount of your base game winnings to gamble on the next spin.

By spinning in any number of your chosen Stars or Sevens reel symbols on that a second set of reels you can then win a range of enhanced bonus payouts via that gamble game, and you can keep on playing that gamble game until you either run out of winnings or you clicking onto the collect button instead!

Our Opinion of the Bar 7 Slot

The best way to play this slot game is as quickly as you can do for the only way you are then going to be able to play off the second set of reels where those bigger and higher valued winning payout are to be found is when you have spun in a winning payout on the base game.

So the more spins you play off the more chance you will get of spinning in a winning combination! However, you can also make use of the Hold feature when it is offered to you and if you have never player fruit machines before you may not be aware of what that feature does!

Underneath the bottom set of main reels you will find a Hold button, whenever you are about to send a new spin into live play if those held buttons are flashing then the hold feature is on offer.

That feature will allow you to hold any or all of the three reels on that bottom set into position for the next spin, so do consider holding any matching set of two reel symbols as you will only need the third matching one to spin in when you do so!