simbat logoOne slot game designer that is not as well known as some of the other ones we have chosen to review and list throughout our website is Simbat. However, having recently played a very large range of their slot games online we did find them to be uniquely designed slots that a lot of players will actually enjoy playing.

It is mainly AWP and Fruit Machine type games they are famed for designing, and as such if you are one of our UK based website visitors looking for slot machines that you will be very familiar with and games offering a plethora of regularly triggering bonus games and bonus features too then please do read on for you are bound to enjoy playing their range of slots.

Whilst you may be used to playing slot machines which have highly animated and high definition graphics and sampled sound effects those attached and on offer on Simbat slots are not as advanced as you may be used to. However, there is no getting away from the fact their slot games do look good and give you an entertaining and exciting type of playing experience.

Please read on for we are now going to look at a range of different additional topics about Simbat slot machines which will hopefully enable you to make a much more informed decision as to whether you will enjoy playing their slot games online or not as the case may be!

Types of Simbat Slot Games

Let us now move onto letting you know what types of slot machines are going to be accessible if you do decide to play Simbat slots online. Below are the three main categories of slot games they are famed for designing, and each one does have plenty of individual slots available within that category.

Fruit Machines – It is the selection of Fruit Machines that we think many players are going to find very appealing at any casino site that offer Simbat slot games, for each of those gaming machines will offer its own pay table and range of bonus games and bonus features too.

3 Reel Slots – Not many slot game designers offer a very large array of the older styled 3 reel slot games, however if those are the types of slots that you actively seek out and play then you will be impressed by the sheer number of them available that have been designed by Simbat.

Video Slots – A small collection of five reel video slot games have also been designed by Simbat too and as such if you are the type of player who does make a beeline to play casino styled slots then you will have plenty of different ones you can access online and instantly too.

Simbat Gaming Platforms

You will of course need to know just that type of gaming platforms you will be able to use to access any of the slot games listed throughout this website, and below is the one current way that you will be accessing Simbat slot games.

Instant Play Slots – Flash powered instant play slot games are what Simbat design and supply to a range of different casino sites, and as such there are never any delays when you choose to play their slots as they will always launch and then load instantly with no hanging around!

Good and Bad Points about Simbat Slots

In this final section of our review of Simbat, we will be enlightening you on how we found their slot games, this is from a player’s point of view and as such please do read on for there are some good points and some bad points which you will need to be aware of!

Detailed Help Files – One thing that did impress us is just how informative the help files are on each Simbat slot game, clicking on the Help button located on the button panel will reveal a wealth of information about each slot.

Multi Staking Options – You will find the stake levels are adjustable on each of their slots. However, we did notice the coin values cannot be set as high as one some other designers slot and fruit machines. The jackpots and winning payouts however can be quite substantial so low stake players will always have the chance of winning some substantial payouts when playing their slots online.

Unique Bonus Games – As a high percentage of Simbat slots are Fruit Machine games then one aspect to playing them many players will love is the high hit frequency of a range of very unique bonus games and base game features too. In fact, when playing their Fruit Machines do familiarise yourself with the help files for a detailed description of how each bonus game will be playing off!

Basic Animations – If you are used to high definition graphics and reel symbols animations that spring to life when you spin in a winning combination then you may not get too excited when playing Simbat designed slot machines, for the animations are rather basic in their design as too are the sound effects.

Limited Number of Casinos – Sadly there are not a huge number of online casino sites that do have the range of Simbat slot games on offer. As such you may have to spend quite a bit of time looking around for sites that do carry their range of slot games if you fancy playing any of them. We do however have some casinos reviewed throughout our website that carry their range of slots so do take a look round our website.

Demo Mode Versions – One final thing worth knowing if you are not yet 100% sure that you will actually enjoy playing the Simbat range of slot games and that is there are demo mode versions of every single one of their available online slots available, so you will be able to put as many of them through their paces at no risk to see if you do find them to your liking.