Should You Bother Using Auto Play on Casino Games?

There are always going to be lots of different option settings available to you, when you log into any casino site and start playing any casino games.

One option stetting that you will see quite prominently displayed on most casino games is something known as an auto play option setting, and that is going to allow you to set the games to play automatically.

You will be tasked with having to first choose just how many games you want the auto play to play off for you, the stakes you wish those auto played off games to be played for and also put into place any limits you want in regards to how much you are prepared to lose before the auto play will shut off.

Some auto play settings will also allow you to configure them so that they automatically cut off if you hit a jackpot, trigger a bonus game on a slot or your casino account balance increases at any time thanks to a series of high valued winning spins.

You may be wondering if there are going to be any benefits of using the auto play option on any casino games, other than it will save you having to set each game into live play yourself manually.

There are some benefits of using auto play, and the first is when you chose to play games such as video poker. When you use the auto play option on any video poker game variants you are always then going to be playing that game optimally.

The auto play will be holding the cards for you automatically when you are first dealt out each hand on each game you play off, and the cards it will either hold or discard will be the best ones as per the best strategy for that variant.

As such you are never going to make any type of strategic playing error when you do make the wise decision of using auto play on video poker games, which is perfect for inexperienced video poker players who could end up making all manner of playing errors which could cost them dearly if they do not use that option setting.

Another benefit of using auto play is when you have claimed a very high valued deposit match or other type of bonus. By using the auto play setting you can let it do all of the hard work for you by playing off your bonus credits and you may find it easier to keep track of the play through requirement for you when using auto play.

But just a quick word of warning, quite bizarrely I have come across one or two casino sites that will not allow anybody to use the auto play option setting when they have claimed a bonus! If you do so you will get any winnings voided out buy the casino.

I am not sure how on earth they can tell whether a player has been using the auto play setting or not when playing off bonus credits, but apparently they can do, so always check the bonus play rules before claiming any bonus to see if you can use auto play, if you intend to do so!