Roulette Playing Tips

The fastest way that you can be parted from your hard-earned cash, even quicker than having a series of numbers you didn’t pick spinning in on a roulette wheel, is by following or purchasing a so-called “Roulette playing system” online.

Heed these roulette playing tips and you won’t fall foul of such trickery. These kind of “systems” offer you the world on a plate and guarantee you cannot lose. However as the saying goes, a fool and his money are soon parted – and you’re no fool.

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So, if you see such a roulette system being offered, save yourself a lot of grief and just ignore it. However, even though the game of Roulette is random and completely unpredictable, there are many playing tips which we can offer you.

Unlike the aforementioned Roulette systems, we are not guaranteeing you will win when using our roulette playing tips, but being aware of them could improve your chances of winning, or possibly even not losing as much!

Best Roulette Variant to Play

There are some Roulette variants that you can instantly strike off your list of games to play, the first is the dismal American Roulette game, which due to its two zeros found on the wheel, offers too high a house edge for any player to seriously consider playing.

Another Roulette variant which can often drain away your bankroll way too quickly is the progressive versions found online. These will usually force you to place an obligatory side bet to be in which a chance, albeit a miniscule chance, of winning the progressive jackpot, and by having to repeatedly place this additional wager you will lower your winning chances. Sneaky, right?

Some Roulette games have unique game playing rules which stand out as player friendly, with the one game which instantly comes to mind being the French Roulette game. the game boasts, depending on where you play it, one of two different rules known as the La Partage rule and the En Prison rule.

Both these game play rules affect the even money wagers only, and as such, should you have placed one of these wagers (for example should you have bet on Red, and then a zero spins in) then that wager will not be deemed to be a losing one.

The La Partage rule will see you getting back half of your even money wagers should that dreaded zero spin in, and if the French Roulette game offers the En Prison rule then your even money wagers are not removed from the table when a zero spins in, instead they remain on the table for the next spin of the Roulette wheel.

These two rules mean that, unlike the American Roulette game which has a house edge of 5.26% or the European Roulette game which boasts a house edge of 2.70%, the French Roulette variant has a much smaller house edge of just 1.35% and therefore it should be a game you should be seeking to play.

Using Roulette Bonuses

One part of everyday online casino play is going to be bonuses, you cannot avoid them as all online casinos are eager to give them away to their players, however the reasons why they like to do this is that by locking your deposit and bonus amounts into a bonuses play through requirements they can often ensure you will stand no possibility of making it to a point in time when you can cash out any winnings.

This is simple mathematics, as the play through requirements which are attached to Roulette play are often the highest of any casino game, and as such it is not uncommon for players to have to play through a bonus and their deposit dozens of times before a cash out is possible.

So one valuable Roulette playing tip is for you to consider carefully whether taking a bonus is going to be in any way beneficial to you, as more often than not you are better of not accepting them!

Poor Value Roulette Games

We have mentioned already how games such as European and American Roulette offer a much higher house edge than games such as the French variant, however there are some other Roulette games which should be avoided at all costs when you see them being offered by an online casino.

One of the newer Roulette variants is the game of Mini Roulette, this game is found in the gaming suite of Playtech powered online casinos, and with only 12 numbers and one zero on the wheel you would be forgiven for thinking you will have more chances of winning when you play it.

However this game has one of the worst house edges attached to it of any online Roulette game, and as such you really should forget about play it, the house edge for reference is a mighty 7.69%, which in fact makes it a worse paying game than many online slots!

Roulette Systems

Put simply, avoid these like the plague.  They are all scams, and one such system that you may have heard of starts with the letter M. I don’t want to even mention the actual name here because it’s that bad. Here is an article that I wrote that explains how systems like it work (or should I say, doesn’t work).

Zero House Edge Roulette

If you look hard enough you will find one or maybe two online casinos offering a zero house edge Roulette game.  This game is able to play with no house edge because the zero has been removed from the wheel, therefore all betting positions pay at their respective true odds.

You may be a little suspicious of such Roulette games, as well as wondering how any online casino can actually make a profit from such games, well they still do and that is why they have this game available!

Be aware that some sites offering such games often charge you a small commission on any winnings that you might cash out, and this is (in most cases) how their profit is made – so it is best that you do the maths to work out if this commission is really worth paying and if instead the standard Roulette games should be played instead.

Always ensure that the casino at which you are thinking of playing zero house edge Roulette at is fully licensed and their games are certified as 100% random, just in case you have stumbled on a dodgy site. If the casino is however licensed by an official gambling jurisdiction and is displaying a current, valid RNG verification certificate, then you should be perfectly safe playing at the site.

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