Quantum Roulette at bet365 Casino is Live – Here’s the lowdown

Bet365 Casino has launched a new live roulette game called Quantum Roulette.  Here we give our take on it and answer some of the questions about this new addition. All information below is our own opinion based on our own experiences of the game.

What is Quantum Roulette?

Quantum Roulette is a roulette game that is hosted by a live dealer. 

It uses the roulette variant based on European roulette, which is the type that gives you the best odds of winning (as opposed to others such as American roulette which reduce your odds of winning and should be avoided at all costs).

Who is the producer of the game?

It’s a game powered by Playtech, using their auto-slingshot wheel.  Bet365 have added it to their stable of games.

How does the wheel itself work?

The roulette wheel is powered by the auto-slingshot mechanism which is powered by motors and compressed air after the ball is automatically introduced into the game machine. 

The dealer, therefore, has no actual physical involvement with the operation of the roulette wheel itself and is effectively a narrator.

This isn’t a computer-generated virtual game, which some people can be suspicious of. 

What makes Quantum Roulette different Roulette?

The main difference in Quantum Roulette compared to other forms is that up to five straight-up numbers can be selected to have “multipliers” applied to them. These multipliers can range from 50x up to 500x.

You can watch the Quantum Roulette system go through and select these numbers ar the beginning of each game after all bets have been placed. Wouldn’t it be nice if this happened before bet were placed?

Another difference is a Quantum Boost, which is a random additional 50x multiplier that can be applied to one or even all of the multipliers (up to a maximum of 500x).

Then there is the Quantum Leap, another random and occasional event, where some or even all of the multipliers are doubled or tripled.

Here’s what bet365 have to say about it:

Experience the new Live Quantum Roulette game in the Casino at bet365 and enjoy all the fun of Roulette with additional enhancing features. During every game round random numbers will be enhanced with a Quantum Multiplier of up to x500 to increase your winnings. There are also other exciting features such as Quantum Boosts and Quantum Leaps which could be triggered!”

Sound good to you? It’s now live at bet365 for you to check out.  It’s also one of our top-rated roulette sites.