Pros and Cons of Using Auto Play on Casino Games

The almost endless number of option settings available on modern day online casino games is impressive, for no matter which games you choose to play you are going to be able to configure them in a way you find appealing.

However, there is one way of playing most casino games that you may find appealing and that is by you making use of the auto play option setting, that gives you the opportunity of sending all manner of games into live play automatically based on your own personal preferences.

But you may be wondering what, if any benefits there are going to be of playing using such an option setting, and as such today I will be giving you an insight into the pros and cons and any dangers of using auto play, to allow you to judge for yourself whether you should use it or not.

The first thing I do need to draw to your attention however, is that for some bizarre and inexplicable reasons, some casino sites are not going to allow you to make use of the auto play setting when you are playing off bonus credits! I have yet to understand the reason for that decision, but always check to see if you can use auto play when playing off bonus credits if that is something you are thinking of doing!

Regarding any benefits of using auto play, well you will of course find that when playing most games, you can rattle through plenty of games in a short space of time, many more games than you would ever play when playing off each game manually.

That may be benefits if you chose to play games such as video poker or even blackjack, for with the auto play setting switched on it will then play off each game using the best basic strategy. Therefore, you will never make any strategic playing errors when using the auto play option settings.

Playing slot machines and slot games is a whole different matter though, for part and parcel of playing such games is the fun and excitement you will have triggering a potentially high paying bonus game.

With you usually having to play off around 100 to 200 spins before you do eventually trigger a bonus game or bonus feature, by making use of the auto play setting you can then set it to play off lots of base game spins but then stop when a bonus game has been triggered.

So if you want to wander off and do something else when those base game spins are playing off, you will have the peace of mind in knowing if you do trigger the most exciting aspect of such gaming machines, that being their respective bonus games or bonus features, they will then be waiting to be played off when you return to your computer or mobile device!

It is up to you whether you will enjoy using auto play or not, but you an also test drive using it via the free play demo mode version of most casino games available at most online casino sites!