Pros and Cons of Playing Mega Spins Slots

It is at casinos that offer Microgaming’s range of slot games that you are going to find available at such sites a range of what are known as Mega Spin slots.

Those slots are designed in a unique way, for you are given the ability of playing a classic, three-reel slot for various stake levels when playing them, but the aspect of them that is unique is that you will be playing several of the same slots all at the same time.

There are several different classic slots that have been turned into Mega Spin slots and the first one is the Mega Spin Major Millions slot.

When you launch that slot six of them will be displayed on your screen and you can then choose to play one to three coins per spin on each of those slots. As the Major Millions slot is a progressive slot though to have any chance of winning the progressive jackpot on each of those six slots you must play three 1.00 coins.

With that in mind, and as each maximum bet spins will cost you 18.00 in the currency you are playing for, they are best suited to high rolling slot players and those who want six chances of winning the progressive jackpot when playing all six of those slots simultaneously.

By choosing to play the Mega Spin Fantastic 7’s slot, you can play 4, 6 or 9 of those slots all in the same window and simultaneously. You do however have the choice of playing one, two or three coins per spin one each slot you choose to play and as such the coin values are fully adjustable they are suited to both low and high-stake players.

You may be wondering just what advantages there are of playing any of the two above named Mega Spin slots from Microgaming or any of the handful of other slots that have been designed as Mega Spin slots.

Well, the first thing to be aware of is that you do get an increased chance of winning their respective jackpots due obviously to the higher number of spins you can play off in a shorter space of time when compared to playing those slots individual one at a time.

Also, if you have claimed for example a higher valued deposit match bonus, you will find that by playing Mega Spin slots on the highest coin denominations setting and when playing them for maximum coin spins, you can often achieve the play through requirements attached and associated with those bonuses much quicker too.

The downside of playing such slots however is that if things do not go as planned when you set about playing them there is the chance that you would lose your bankroll much quicker, so you need to weigh up the pros and cons of playing such slots yourself. But there is no getting away from the fact that they can be and are very exciting slots to play when you do get onto a winning streak!