Progressive Jackpot Casino Games

When you see the meters ticking away on some progressive jackpot casino games, you will often get the urge to give them a try, no matter what game that meter may be attached to. You will find these ever rising jackpots on virtually all casino games, however this current level of many jackpot meters can often be a good indicator of whether that jackpot is due to pay or not.

Below we have compiled a range of progressive jackpot casino game playing tips, which whilst certainly not a fool proof or sure fire way of winning one of these jackpots, will certainly make you think twice before you jump on and play any game offering them!

Progressive Video Poker Playing Tips

The two most popular online video progressive games are the Jackpot Deuces game and the Supajax game, both of them can be found in the gaming suite of 32 Red casino, and both of them are a fixed stake game whereby the coin values are set at 1.00. To have a chance of winning the jackpot on either of these games you need to wager five coins per game played.

The best time to play either of these two progressive video poker games is when the jackpot on them surpasses the value at which it is, on average won. The Jackpot Deuces jackpot hits on average when its meter is around the 34,800.00 range and the Supajax jackpot is won, on average when the jackpot has surpassed the 51,000.00.

So if you fancy playing either of these two progressive jackpot video poker games then the best tip we can give you is to only play them when the jackpots have surpassed the levels shown above.

Progressive Slot Game Playing Tips

The biggest type of progressive games you are going to find are in regards to the slot machines, there literally are hundreds of them available to play and as such you will have no problems finding these kinds of slot games online.

However in most case players are often required to play a maximum bet type wager on progressive slots to have a chance of winning that jackpot, and this can often result in playing them becoming rather expensive for the average player who may have a small or limited bankroll.

So with this in mind one tip should you wish to play progressive slots online, is to play those which offer the random jackpot playing feature, and these types of games are won completely at random, and will never require you to play a maximum bet wager to have a chance of winning the jackpot.

Progressive slots to look out for which offer these types of jackpots are the Real Time Gaming powered Real Series slots, Microgamings Mega Moolah series of slots, Cryptologics Marvel Comic Book and Rapid Fire jackpot slots. As long as you are playing any of the aforementioned slots in real money mode, irrespective of the stake levels at which you are playing them you stand a chance of winning one of their jackpots.

Also a range of WMS slot games have started to appear online and the majority of these games all share what is known as a Jackpot Party progressive jackpot pool, the jackpots on these games are also randomly awarded, and as lots of slots all share the same jackpots pools these are won very regularly, so you may consider tracking these slots down and giving them some playtime also!

Progressive Roulette Playing Tips

One of the most popular progressive Roulette games you will find online is found in casinos powered by Microgaming software, this game goes by the name of Roulette Royale which is available at 32 Red, and it requires you to always place an obligatory sidebet of 1.00 (currency dependant) alongside your other bets on the Roulette table.

For this one unit stake you open up a range of bonus payouts, and these are triggered whenever one number spins in during normal play consecutively, the hope being that you get any one individual number appearing a total of five times on the trot, and when you do that progressive jackpot displayed on the jackpot ticker will be yours.

However it is true to say that this is a very rare event, obviously not impossible, but due to the random nature of Roulette you could be waiting quite a long time for such an event to occur. In fact this game can go for months without the jackpot being hit, and this leads us to inform you that our tip for playing progressive Roulette is to not bother! Those mandatory sidebets will eat away at your bankroll consistently and this game offers no value what so ever!

Progressive Blackjack Playing Tips

The online casino game software company Microgaming certainly have their fingers on the pules when it comes to providing players with the most diverse range of progressive games, and as such one of them is their Triple 7’s Blackjack game, which offers a progressive jackpot.

This game has a range of special bonus payouts, however you need to play a sidebet to activate them, and then when certain hands are dealt to you during normal play then you can win one of them depending on which hand you have listed on the sidebet paytable.

However to win the current jackpot as displayed on the jackpot meter you need to be dealt three sevens all in the suit of Diamonds, and this should, on average happen around once every 290,000 hands played.

Playtech also offer a progressive Blackjack game, however the way in which you will win the top prize on the game is by being dealt four Aces all of the same suit, this should happen to players, on average, once every 6,500,000 hands played.

So our tip for playing progressive Blackjack is to play the Microgaming version as opposed to Playtechs version as you are more likely to hit the jackpot paying hand more often on Microgaming Triple 7’s game. 32 Red is the best casino that uses the Microgaming software in our opinion thought Spin Palace is also a good option