Poker Guide 2024

Welcome to our online poker guide. Online poker is huge these days and with so many places to play it can be hard to figure where the best place is to put your money. On this page we hope to answer most of the questions you might have about where to play online poker and help you pick the best site for  your needs. Take a look around the rest of the poker guide and at our strategy articles.

If you want to know more about poker, have a look at our most popular online poker articles, or read on to find out the best sites to play on. Whether you want to play tournaments or cash games, Holdem or Omaha, turbo or deepstack, we’ll send you to the right place.

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Things to Look for in a Poker Site

Soft Games

Obviously the most important thing is to find a site with lots of fish. They are ultimately where you make the money, so if you can sit down at a six seater poker game with 3 or 4 recreational players that are making lots of mistakes like open limping pre-flop and calling down with weak draws then you stand to make a big profit from them.

Good Software

If you’re going to be playing a lot of hands of poker, you want the software to be easy on the eye and easy to use. There’s nothing more frustrating than having a few tables open and finding that the software lags and is poorly designed so you end up mis-clicking your bankroll away. You should look for sites with options like re-sizable tables and other advanced multi-tabling options which make things easier for you.

Reliable Company

The last thing you want is to feel insecure about leaving your bankroll on the site which you play most of your poker on, so if you’re going to play a lot of poker, particularly at mid to high stakes, then playing at a reputable site which is a well established brand should be one of your biggest concerns. Of course even then you should never have your whole bankroll in your account, and should always just keep enough in there to cover the games you want to play. Don’t forget you can always re-load if necessary.

Best Sites for Cash Games

Cash game players are usually the ones who make a lot of money for the poker sites and so it’s in the sites interest to look after their best customers. Usually you’ll find that poker site VIP schemes are set up to reward players that play lots and lots of cash games. When you’re choosing a site to play cash games on, you want to make sure the site you decide on has a good amount of traffic at the stakes you’re planning to play at, and of course plenty of fish.

If you like to play multiple tables, you should make sure that the software is easy on the eye and robust. By far the best site for cash games at the moment is 888 poker. It’s the fastest growing poker site in the world and new fish are pouring to the tables every week.

Top Cash Game Site 2024

  • Worst Players
  • Good VIP Deals
  • Nice Software

Best Sites for Tournaments

Choosing the best sites for tournaments depends on what you’re after. Do you want in huge field MTTs for a chance at a big score, or would you prefer to play in tournies with just a few hundred runners that are usually over in 4-5 hours? Is a very good structure important to you, or would you rather a turbo structure where you can use your mathematical skills to win the all-in or fold battles in fast paced events?

Most sites have a wide range of tournaments with guaranteed prizepools, so picking the right site for you largely comes down to your answers to the questions above. The majority of people just want a tournament that doesn’t go on all night, but keeps an average stack of about 30 big blinds throughout, so there’s still plenty of room for play. At the moment, Red Kings is the best option for most tournament players, but 888 poker also has a very good MTT schedule, so if you want to mix cash and tournaments, it’s probably a better choice.

Top Tournament Site 2024

  • Mobile Poker
  • Great Customer Service
  • Choose Your Own Bonus

Best Sites for Sit n Go 

When online poker started off, there wasn’t much choice when it came to sit and go tourney selection. They were almost exclusively single table tournaments. Nowadays however you can choose everything from hyper-turbo heads up to 180-man multi-table sit n go’s. Pokerstars has without a doubt the best choice and traffic, but it is the home of most of the world’s sit n go professionals, meaning the games there are very tough to beat.

The iPoker network has much softer sit n gos, with the standard being lightyears behind PokerStars, but the traffic and selection is a little bit lower. If you’re happy to play a few less tables, and maybe wait a few minutes for some of the less popular sit and go variants to fill up, then iPoker is the place to be, and at the moment, we think that the biggest site on the network, Titan Poker, is your best bet.

  • One of the Oldest Sites
  • Great Bonus
  • Support is 2nd to None