Podcast Ep48: Jose, Foreigners, Vin Scully, UFC Rumours

Show Notes for Season Ticket Episode 48

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Three losses in 8 days and the pressure is on Jose Mourinho. Can he weasel his way out of this one? Is he ‘past it’?


Residency rules allow you to play for an international team after only 3 years. Is this diluting local talent? We also have a chat about the lovely gentleman, Chris Ashton.


After 67 seasons, legendary baseball commentator is finally stepping away from the mic next week as his time with the Dodgers comes to an end. We take a listen to some of his work.

Also in baseball, the number of pitches thrown at 100 mph + has gone through the roof in the last 8 years. What could the reasons for that be?


Nothing but rumours and tweets at the moment. It’s looking less and less like Conor McGregor is going to take on Eddie Alvarez at UFC205 in New York. Will it be GSP in Toronto at 206, Aldo in Las Vegas at 207? Our guess is as good as anyone elses!